Shield Generator. Bring a diet version to 3.0


It will be simple;

Like Moira’s Orbs, pressing the ability brings the sub-option:

Primary = Teleporter
Alternate = Shield Generator
Pressing the ability again cancels the selection.

3.0 Shield Generator stats:

Once deployed takes 5 seconds to charge. Once charged it will offer a one time buff of +75 shields to any ally in 25 meters with line of sight to generator then self-destruct. After it self-destructs, the 12 second cooldown begins. The shield effect can regenerate itself but once it’s used up (by the screen crack and small alarm effect) the shield buff must be reapplied by building another generator. The HP gained will be
slightly darker blue markings on life bar to separate buff from heroes with natural shield health (but lighter that sound barrier, best defense and adaptive shields)



shield gen is too much, old proton barrier would be ok.


Shield generator would IMO definitely be too much on top of her entire current kit. That said, if they replace her primary fire with her secondary fire (without the auto-lock, there’s no point to that useless beam), then replace her secondary fire with a small version of Proton Barrier which can be “charged” like the balls to make it grow back to its old size, I think she’d be in a really good place.