Shield bash goes through shields or does 50 damage. Choose

Both the nerfs to shield bash cannot be implemented. It has to be one or the other. Reduce to damage to 5 or stop it going through shields. Choose.

This is how I feel about these nerfs:


It seems they never ment for her to be strong for playing in the front line and these nerfs would certainly accomplish that.

god please keep the 50 damage. The entire problem was that shield bash made rein unable to prevent an enemy earthshatter.


Rein doesn’t drop his shield while stunned.

Fixed, brig can still stun through shields but the shield is still up so no free earthshatters “destroying the GM experience”

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Then give her the means to be a viable off support like she is meant to be, then. Her entire healing works only if she is commiting to a fight. Armor pack has a CD and travel time, with the targets it is intended for being bursted before it reches them. Ult and healing need to be earned on her with commiting with no escape or mobility options, unlike Lucio who simply heals by being there.

Her range is low, her utility is inconsistent now, that is simply to much of a nerf. If I could choose, I would retain the damage to deal with Dive better, make her not be able to stun but at least add something of a value to the team.

She also needs more than 0.66 hps increase to be a more viable off support, now, if both the changes are impemented.

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You’re not quite right about that

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we need neither, have her stun be a utility and it will be fine.

Being a tank doesn’t necessary mean being in the front line though, she will still be very sustainable, though her role may shift from helping the frontline to peeling for the backline.

I agree that they should buff her supporting capabilities if they are going this rute with her.

Both can be done if they buff up her baseline healing so that she’s more support than dps/tank/support. It looks like they already did that with her ultimate at the very least. If they continue to buff up her healing numbers then I’ll be satisfied with her.