"She can Teleport her team out of grav." LOL

What about Ana’s nade tho?

Does it also require team follow through to capitalize? Yes, I suppose it does. I don’t quite understand what you are asking.

Ana’s nade counters every single healer in the game including ults. Yet Sym cant properly escape grav.


Lol, maybe they’ll finally buff tp.

have you tried not 1 tricking a situational hero?

I’m so glad this happened though. This shuts up the specific naysayers on the forum who whine and insist that “you CAN use it to escape if you’re good and your team is good!!!”

Newsflash. If the top players in the world can’t do it then…

Yeah we’re gonna need some tp buffs.

Whats worse is that all it took was the pros to say it but not the people who ACTUALLY play the hero.

Sym players: Look, Sym’s tp is slow and has some flaws like with railings. We were advertised we could tp people out of situations like Grav but it takes too long to deploy and it would be too late
Community: :sleeping:
Pro: Wow, Sym’s tp is underwhelming.
Community: :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


Not once seen a TP out of grav, for the very reasons stated. TP needs to deploy much faster

If it doesn’t work why bother discussing it?

Because Blizzard specifically advertised his ability when discussing the Symmetra rework? Because some people are sick and tired of how the TP that the entire rework was heavily based around is a slow, buggy mess that is hard to place and does not do what it was advertised as beeing able to do?


I literally had an argument with someone saying that Pickrate didnt matter when looking at Winrate. If thats the case, Symmetra who has the lowest pickrate but the highest Winrate should be NERFED! SHE OP (Sarcasm).

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Time to get over it and move on kids. It was a wrong statement, the TP has many other uses.

The TP wasn’t all that to begin with outside of being a poor-man’s mass rez… it still is far more useful today.

How many months has it been since the rework? Because that TP still does not work right around railings and Symmetra’s weapon is incredibly unreliable for removing railings.


Its clearly based on the coding for Shadow Step, I dont think they can do much with it tbh.

Is that supposed to excuse the issues? We made this badly, so let us just copy the code with all existing issues so that the new ability will behave badly as well? I sincerily hope that is not the image Blizzard wants to project.

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Significantly reducing or even removing that atrocious delay would solve that issue and might be all the tweaking she really needs.

I play Symmetra more than the average player, and I’ve been able to teleport myself out of a grav. But that is usually when the enemy team didn’t combine another ultimate, or at least not one that goes thru and does a lot of damage. Or if a tank is blocking every shot.

But what use is a single Symmetra against a team that likely killed off most of your team? Same goes for Moira with her Fade.


Personally, I think its a limit in the underlying engine that has to coordinate its use across all clients. Players think that Blizz can snap a finger an everything is miraculously done, I think this is a case that creates some odd circumstances that might be harder than people think. It may not be economically done is the better question.

I’ve done it once and had one person also be cognizant enough to do it behind me… but that’s it. It is possible, but hard as hell to do…

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Then here is a fix for them that would take absolutely zero processing power in the heat of a match. Remove the railings. They are already designed as breakable objects, so removing them entirely should not be hard.

Is it gonna be less pleasing to look at? Sure, but gameplay and especially solving gameplay problems should trump aesthetic every day of the week in a competitive multiplayer game.

Or if that is a step too far in regards to ruining the aesthetic, remove them from competive and similar modes so that the heroes hindered by them can perform optimally in the environment where aesthetic’s (outside of gameplay relevant ones) should matter the least.

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