Shatter, grav and blade


Support ults need to be able to nullify damage ults because they are not the only sources of damage.

They either need to do a balance pass nerfing damage and healing as a whole or they need to leave it the way it is now and continue the path that they are on.


Zarya ult is not the only reason.

She also have a lot of dps…


Shatter an issue? Go Rein and block the shatter. Grav an issue? Go D.Va and eat it or use one of the defensive ults you should have. Blade and issue? Kill the genji instead of running away. The one that confuses me most is shatter. I have seen so many shatter threads recently and I dont get it. Shatter is still buggy and is so counterable I’m shocked people have difficulty with it.


Reinhardt ult stun people in front of him who dont hide or run away. And you can stun or even kill rein using it. And even if you are stunned, it still not lose, because mayby not all your teammates are stunned and they can help you out. Or reinhardt team dont follow him up, so he cant kill much on his own.

So problematic and unhealthy mechanic, ult that stun if you in los of ulting hero with no protection.


Owl teams must be so incompetent to let genjis get 3 kills with a blade whenever he appears against something that’s not 3 supports with a brig.

Truly incomprehensible that the strongest dps ultimate with the highest chance of snowballing can get bunch of kills even against competent players when there’s less than a second to react to getting killed. Such things never happen at the highest ranks naturally, every genji gets slept by ryujehong ana’s pixel perfectly when they even attempt and the daily highlight and reddit is not crammed full of very succesful genji blades daily.

I truly like how genji mains always downplay the power of the dragonblade like it’s not the best dang dps ulti in the game that can actually kill through it’s only semi-reliable counter trans and doesn’t care if enemies are miles away or behind walls like every other dps ulti. But transcendence hardly matters if the Zen gets overwhelmed constantly when Genji can do 230 dmg in an instant even to players like Jjonak. Other players don’t get the luxury of running 3 supports and half a second peels.


Dragon blade is not comparable to grav and shatter. Blade is only strong when paired with nano / damage boost.


People use statistics here all the time but only when it favours their argument (usually without context anyway).
But I’ve noticed recently when statistics can’t be used the next argument is ’ X is unhealthy for the game’ which is an evolution of the old ‘x is unfun’.


I don’t think I’ve had a worse flashback in my life. Last night I played against a 6 stack that had a bunch of bronze players but a GM and high Diamond carrying them.

That was pretty infuriating but has literally only happened once in my 3 years of playing.

(Must be super common right? /s)

lol :rofl:

That’s because most ults are just projectiles, transformation ults [76, genji, zen] aren’t affected because they are a different type. If everything was negated by stuns, what would be the point of ulting with this much CC in the game?

We aren’t talking about Mercy, but since you brought her up, Rez doesn’t belong in the game so Mercy needed “broken” just to make it balanced since they wont take it away.


Don’t shoot her bubbles? It’s not like they aren’t overwhelmingly obvious. If Zarya is strong and wrecking your team bc of her DPS it is 100% your own teams fault.


Well, if those ults have that advantage maybe they need to be toned down then.


If they are a different type of ultimates that require more risk or are naturally harder to use than the other ultimates they don’t need to be toned down.

Dragonblade is naturally riskier and harder than the majority of non-transformation ultimates, it’s one of the few that isn’t just press Q for instant value.


So Tac-Visor is difficult to use? Or better yet Valkyrie? Not that I feel they need nerfs, but don’t think there’s a correlation between “hard to use” and transformation-ults.


The forums massively overplays the power of it, and we actually PLAY the hero, so we have a right to prove them wrong.

It can’t unless it has help. It also has far more counterplay than just Transcendence.

Not unless he has help…

Even if a Genji rushes JJonak you forget he’s fighting other pros of equal skill, so if he gets outplayed it is to be expected. If JJonak is fighting Shadowburn of course he won’t win all the time.

Maybe don’t try to play hide and seek with a guy with a katana then, he has to force himself into the riskiest range possible with death being his punishment, so why should you get to play hide from the ninja?

The reddit is crammed with POTG of all sorts, you act like Genji is anything special.

Most blades get easily shut down in high ranks unless they are Nanoblades, even then 75% of nanoblades do get shut down. I speak from watching Genjis in said high ranks using Blade and using Blade myself. As well as having statistical proof from Overbuff.

Even a mediocrily competent team can counter Blade semi-consistently.

Don’t try to call someone else for bias if you have glaringly obvious bias yourself.


Shatter needs a nerf? Come off of it man.


Tac Visor is an aimbot, but it doesn’t necessarily give instant value.

Valkyrie not so much.

Transformation ults by nature only amplify the hero themselves, they typically do not throw out a projectile that does the work for them, you yourself gain nothing until you put in effort with said Transformation ultimate.

I was referring more to Dragonblade and Primal Rage [Maybe Tank Form] being hard to use. Transformation ultimate types similar to those aren’t just press Q for value, they actually have to have mechanical inputs throughout the entire duration unlike most ultimates in this game.


I think low-skill characters like Genji shouldnt have such easy, forgiving no-aim abilities and ultimates.

If it was skill-based, you could argue about dragonblade and dash being okay, but like this? Nah, way too much value for free.

Genji should atleast require more aim than Brigitte and Reinhardt.


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Dragon blade needs a nerf. he shouldn’t able to have active his dash or use his kit while he use his ult.



His kit is literally what makes the ultimate function in the first place…


I’m not playing OWL, neither are you.

Genji is hard to master and has the highest skill-floor in the entire-game, which youre using.