Share your favorite memories from Jeff Kaplan

Today is a very sad day, The OW community has lost the one and only Jeff Kaplan. I hope the best for him and good luck for his future endavours.

What are your favorite moments from him? Here are some of mine.

The time the local Starbucks misspelled his name:

The time hes comitted a murder on the forums:

Last years dev updates with the sudden change from Longbeard Jeff to Sunglasses Jeff

And of course the Yule Log streams


Mine was in an earlier IGN interview where Jeff reads comments.

Someone says we need to nerf Korea for effectively being to good. Jeff’s idea is jsut we should buff the rest of the world. “I’m looking at you rest of the world, step it up”

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Just reading this made me shed a tear.

Honestly the Blizzcon announcements were one of the best things ever. I just absolutely love watching it again, where the crowd goes crazy when Echo shows up in the Zero Hour cinematic, or in the Ashe trailer where she calls Bob.

Always makes me shiver.

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I come from World of Warcraft, he was a huge part of that game during its early days. He will be missed, even with baggage.

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We still haven’t got Lingerie Junkrat…

Me too :cry:

The moment Darin De Paul interrupted Jeff to announce the Rein cinematic was glorious

When he replied to my comment


The hottest of takes on game design

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His best memory is his goodbye message.


who can forget this savage takedown

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