Shanghai Dragons vs. Dallas Fuel - FINAL (Spoilers)

May Melee Tournament


Shanghai Dragons
Dallas Fuel
LP: 3 (3-1 +4)
LP: 2 (2-2 +2)

Final Score


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(After Knockouts)
#1 NOSTALGIA 94 points
#3 JUNSEI 93 points
#2 WYOMINGMYST 91 points
#4 KEYU 90 points
#5 SICKONE 88 points
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:clap: :clap: :clap:


I watched some Open Division today.

The team was…special.

Anywho, I predict 4 - 2 Dallas.

Howdy forumers!
I say 3-1 Dallas.

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It’s first to 4 in this one.

shanghai is involved…this might very well be best of 8 or 9…

:man_facepalming:Then I say 4-2 Shanghai (I know it makes no sense).


Oh no…Jon Spector is going to join Avast’s stream today.

Yaki was like: oh no you didn’t!

is it just me or are soe and danny wearing the same exact thing?

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Dang if these hero usage percentages are anything like the month long stats, anyone could get banned in the June Joust hero pool.

if only the game was balanced…

rein 15th…

i dont suppose we can get the devs to NOT do hero pools next stage?

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I got crushed by a Dva mech 30 minutes ago.

Burn this game to the ground.


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Did they announce the hero pool for the June Joust yet? Or is that not coming til Watchpoint Postshow or during the bye week?

Also, it would be really funny if D’Va got the axe for the June Joust, cos I really want to see some Call Mech kills.

On to the match at hand. Shanghai will take this to 8, count 'em, 8 MAPS and will win this one 4-3.

Let’s do this!

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i havent made any predictions all season…

shanghai 4-2

You’re welcome to join us in the Overwatch Pick’em for the June Joust in a couple weeks from now! I’m sure Wyoming can point you in the direction of the Official Forum group on the Pick’ems site.

who had reaper play time tonight?

What do you mean?