Shadow Step needed changes, not the Reaping


It is important that it has travel time though. Basically, the ‘delays’ of the teleport would be shifted to the transition (so there’s -some- warning), rather than being all at the start and the end. So at max range, it’d take some time to travel, but faster the shorter the distance. Exact speed would obviously have to be tested out. Still leaves Reaper FAR less vulnerable. Only downside is that sneaky plays are harder to pull off, since you’d drag a big black streak through the air, so can’t teleport past a chokepoint unnoticed, or up on a highground behind the enemy. BUT THEN AGAIN, WITH HOW BLOODY LOUD THE VOICELINE IS… :smiley:

Don’t really don’t think Reaper is that great for sneaky plays anyway, so having more combat mobility would be way better. A second tool to let you get in or out.


Bastion Ironclad wasn’t a problem cause how powerful it was when he uses his ultimate, it was a problem because of how powerful it was while in Sentry Mode being boosted by Mercy. I honestly think they should bring back the old Ironclad but only apply it to when he’s using his ultimate.

Death Blossom should be powerful. Right now it’s insanely weak. You can be stunned out of it, booped away during it, easily killed and honestly 510 total damage is kind of a joke considering it’s cost. Consider a similar ability, Junkrat’s Rip-Tire doesn’t require Junkrat to be in CQC to use it, barely affected by CC, does more damage (though it does have falloff) in less time, and costs less ult charge.


I agree that his teleport should be changed or reworked, currently it is kinda lame compared to any other ability in-game. Sure, it can be useful to flank or something, but because his abilities are generally lame, he has low utility and is not as fun to play as other heroes. I think his teleport is the bigger issue rather than his reaping.