Shadow Step needed changes, not the Reaping


Reapers problem is getting to the range he wants to be in and not killing tanks.

He will dominate in the lower tiers since people don’t really know how to play the game and he’ll be useless in the higher tiers since it’s easy to shut him down when you know how to react to him.

The lifesteal buff is nice for 1v1 but that almost never happens unless the teams are uncoördinated.

Change SS to a sort of leap. That way Reaper can get close to his targets and still reach highground should he want to.

Keep The Reaping on 30% since 1v1 doesn’t happen when teams play together… which teams should be doing in a TEAM BASED GAME.

But that’s just my opinion.

From a Reaper main who wants him to be played in higher tiers instead of just gold and below.


My idea was a more long range / explosive shot style he could use. You even see him use something like it in the first animated short.
Make him swap to a new set of guns or something that do like 70 - 80 a shot . means he can now be more dangerous at long range, while using it up close wouldn’t be smart.
Idk, just something I thought may work better then whatever this is


Swapping between 2 sort of guns for short and long range would fit the character since he makes his shotguns from his own body… I like it but it comes down to the same thing.

Either give him mobility or range.


Yes exactly, either way, Shadow Step isn’t useful and upping his self heal is overly dominate or not very useful depending on what rank you are at. Just as a main tank who usually plays Quick Play. this scares me, a lot.


I still don’t understand Blizzard’s obsession with Reaping.

They started going in the right direction when they finally made Wraith Form reload on use and added more speed to it, giving Reaper much needed extra mobility and pacing, but then suddenly got tunnel vision in terms of Reaping changes.

I’m still holding out for a grenade (Reaper has grenades in the original Overwatch cinematic, and a high-cooldown, medium-range alt-fire would help him avoid being 100% useless past five feet), but this obsession with Reaping is making me think that’s not going to happen.


Sometimes I get the feeling the devs themselfs forget SS is an ability and that’s why they never change it… surely someone on the dev team agrees this is the worst ability in the game and should be changed.


in my honest opinon, what reaper needed was 2 things, reduce shadow step cast time, and add a skill, name “Shadow Dance” that works similarly to Moira’s Fade and Tracer’s Blink, with 3 charges, 5 seconds cooldown per charge but 2 seconds cd after each use so it can’t be chained.

on the masquerade comic we where shown that reaper could dance around his victims and blam blam them to the deth, this fantasy was pretty neat and fits his smoke form idea, but it doesnt translate pretty good into the game, my idea would indeed achieve this and make him really cool to play.

it would make hit more durable, more fun, and have a way higher skill cap without needing this absurd reaping buff and without changing his fantasy at all.


Blizzard actually already has an ability like that in WoW.

It’s the Rogue ability called Killing Spree, which causes the rogue to shadowstep from enemy to enemy within a certain area, striking them repeatedly.

Of course, that’s a melee character and provides auto-targeting due to being in an MMORPG, so Reaper’s equivalent FPS ability could, in fact, be a freeform blink like you’re suggesting, but the CRITICAL element would need to be that it could be COMBO’D with other abilities and with Death Blossom.

Then Reaper would actually be at the same level as other heroes, combining multiple abilities to achieve certain skillful results, rather than just holding M1 all match or being completely shutdown literally every single time he ults.


I’m pretty sure the reason why the devs don’t make shadowstep simply function as a leap is because they know it gives a ton of value to his ult that does high amounts of damage.

So making shadowstep a leap would likely mean they have to tone down how effective his ult can be… which then makes the community say…? “Oh, yeah. That is perfectly understandable.” or, “He’s garbage now.”


As someone whose main is Reaper my main problem is not Reapening.
Outdated Shadow Step and range are the biggest problems.
1.) SS—Make SS instant (something like leaping) or give him 1sec imunity at the beginning and end of SS
2.) Range —Give Reaper second weapon with half damage and more range or make his shotguns’ range 30


What I want is:

  • Remove Shadow Step.
  • Give Wraith Form free movement, a la Valkyrie.
  • Add Smoke Grenade. Has about the same arc as Ana’s Biotic Grenade, when it hits a player or terrain it releases a cloud of black smoke in a 5 meter radius. The smoke deals 1 damage per second to any enemy inside it for 10 seconds as well as blocks enemies line of sight into it, out of it, and through it (but not allies which only see a very transparent light grey smoke).
  • Add shotgun slug secondary fire. Deals 70 damage but has the same falloff and fire rate as his primary fire.
  • Keep Reaping at 30% Life Steal but increase it to 50% when using Death Blossom.


Why can’t you just wraith into the enemy now, start doing damage and you are invincible so you don’t need a disengage. At worse you trade and a dps for a tank is good value. This is why reaper is going to be cancer and tanks are now throw picks.


Reapers ult is already bad.

  • He can be stunned/hacked out of it.
  • it has a very short range
  • it doesn’t do enough damage to kill most tanks
  • it takes 3 full seconds to do 500dmg and that’s lower than his normal dps if you are close and can aim.

And people need to stop thinking that Reaper is played for his ult. It would be the same as saying you’re playing McCree for his ult.


It’s 50%… I wouldn’t recommend using WF into a full team, because this is a teamgame and Reaper needs help in the higher tiers and not the lower, and just start shooting. I wouldn’t even recommend that with 200% lifesteal since you can be stunned and burst down very easily… or a McCree stun + FTH alone would be enough as well.


Shadowstep must be replaced. If you make it faster, you can use it in combat, as an scape, which will break the hero.

My idea is make it remove your footstep sound for X seconds.

If he wants to take the highground, he must take the stairs, like everybody (or at least a few heroes does).


He is the only hero with a out of combat ability. He is a short range hero with no way of getting into the wanted range instead of just walking.

Why give the ability to remove footsteps for X seconds when that only encourage hiding… if he doesn’t get mobility he should get range with a sec fire option so he can do something without needing to be closer than 5 meters from the enemy

Don’t buff something that is strong. Fix or add something that he’s missing


Although this idea in theory is good, I feel like during Death Blossom is when you most want to kill reaper, since he is doing a ton of damage. I don’t know the exact numbers but I know that with the 50% reap right now he is damn near impossible to kill while ulting unless an Ana Nade/Brig Stun/ or some other ability happens. I don’t think we need another Ironclad Bastion meta.


Yeah. In the higher tiers he’ll be shut down within half a second. In the lower tiers he’ll dominate and he’s already strong in the lower tier.

Let Reaper be good in the higher tiers. That should be the focus… but it seems only the players know this since Blizzard doesn’t seem to care to look at SS.


What I’d like to see is dropping the lifesteal back down to… Don’t want to say any specific %, but lower than 50% for sure

Increase health to 300 instead

Make Shadow Step work similar to Blink from Dishonored. Same targeting as currently (so you can’t go straight up into the air), but instead of a teleport, you rapidly leap to the point in his smoke form.
Could be invulnerable during, or take reduced damage, or full damage, depending on testing.
Balance can be made with how fast he flies to give more/less warning to those he’s flying towards, possibly adding a marker at his destination the moment it’s started, maybe keep a brief delay at the start (though much shorter than the current delay), no delay at arrival.
Something that’s good enough to be used in combat, but won’t let you just sneak up on a sniper for free if they’re observant.


I actually love this!