Shadestep and Teleporter Rework? Any Ideas How? Devs Maybe?

I think it’s more of Mercy’s rework they’re traumatized over Hanzo’s.

umm yeah nahh…

anyways, have a fun time at work or wherever you are going. :relieved:

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Maybe we will get a Blizzard? LoL that would be a first.

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I think Sym’s teleporter could be easily buffed with more range. Because it’s a tactical/strategic ability, a little more distance will go a very long way by opening up more and more alternative flanking routes for her team.

So, for Sym, just keep buffing teleporter’s range until people start asking for teammates to play Sym. In the mean time, buff her M2 so that it sucks less. It’s a terrible ability.

Shadowstep? Don’t touch it. It has its place.

Instead, build a talon tank specifically to synergize with Reaper and help him and other close range heroes close distance.


Quicker animations at the start and the end, and Reaper goes into the ground and emerges from it like in his highlight intro.


I did say once Maybe we could have Shadestep work off Walls awhile back.

Like being to drop down from other locations or get behind enemies? That could be interesting and open up a lot of unique flanking paths for him.

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Por que no los dos?


Hmmm thing is they haven’t really touched Hanzo since his rework (I think only like one or two minor nerfs) and he hasn’t has as much of a backlash as Mercy. While Mercy is still being talked about to this day-and has had the most consecutive nerfs to her.

So could be a bit with Hanzo, but since he’s barely addressed I doubt that his rework is the one that is causing their hesitation.

Well that’s for thinking anyway

Press E to activate - Reaper’s character model becomes invulnerable for 2-3 seconds but cannot move, you then get to control a cursor/cloud etc (think doom ult) and free fly it any direction for those few seconds that both teams can see. You can then press primary fire to move to that position when on solid ground or when/if the time is up the cursor/cloud goes back Reaper’s body automatically.

What this allows is some plays and slips you can give an enemy. For example, you use it when an enemy is on your butt and get them to chase your cloud, wait for the timer to expire and then zip, you’re back in Reaper’s body and can wraith away or if they waited at Reaper’s body for you to return you can step to that area.

This ability is in a good spot it just needs several bug and number tweaks. It takes 2.8 seconds to deploy (0.8 seconds cast time and 2 for deploy) or sometimes more when trying to find the right place to put it, which is way too slow, especially when it was touted to escape grav. 1.5-2 seconds would be more reasonable.

It also needs a larger interact area (nothing like getting a perfect cast when in grav only to not be able to use it because its interact radius is too tiny) as well as for it to ignore/destroy railings when placed. The increased radius would also help that bug of turret bombs not being teleported because of the tp entrance not working properly.

Two indicators, such as red placement markers for entry/exit when being placed that Symm sees and finally they need to fix the bugs of it not being able to adjust the distance if on inclines/slopes (legit you usually need to jump to move the tp placement fowards)

For changes to it? Maybe it could give a small speed boost when exiting the tp for one or two seconds. I wouldn’t be opposed to a 3-5m range increase, either.

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Really wonder if devs pop in and read a few or just enjoying something… I would not blame them.

I was barely on today.
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Personally, I think Teleporter is a mostly good skill already. It mostly just feels a bit clunky at worst (and needing to trust your allies to use it is a minus too)

The biggest change I want for it is that it drops in a similar fashion to DVA’s meka when summoned. Let it fall from the sky and break railings/etc. I would rather it position itself a few inches off the mark than have it just destroy itself/not summon. This will help it feel a bit snappier (and I have no issue avoiding damage with it already - it is great mobility)

For Reaper… I posted my dream changes a bit ago!

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Welp now it’s to head in… Gonna try to take break for a week.

Currently more disappointed after this week

shadow-step should be completely silent and during the second half of the animation, you are immune to all damage until the animation is over. It also needs a lower cool-down time.

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For TP, either reduce the deploy time to one second or remove the duration limit.

For shadowstep, a range increase could make it more useful, it’d be interesting if you could also use it to travel through certain walls. It’s difficult to get notable value out of an ability that has no direct combat use however.

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I think Shadow Step was useful on paper, back when the devs were planning on making Reaper a sort of slow-paced, sneaky assassin

Now, though, balance changes have pushed Reaper into the role of frontline tank-buster. So Shadow Step should probably be replaced by something that assists him with that role? Idk, maybe some sort of corrosive shot that can chew through barriers?

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It could work like meteor strike. You disapear and choose where you want to pop out. If they speed it up a little bit it could be usefull for getting close behind some cover you’d normaly wouldn’t be able to TP to.

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