Shadestep and Teleporter Rework? Any Ideas How? Devs Maybe?

Honestly… You likely already heard my idea… But whats yours?


shadow step should be scrapped to be honest, it has no use in battle.
I really like the idea of a small smoke bomb.

tp is alright but deploys slowly and is can be used as an escape ability but it wont always work.
deployment time should be reduced.

I find it useless and I never use it, it is the only option in my mind.
what do you think?
I don’t think a speed change will do much because he will still be much vulnerable.

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Besides just deleting… there must be another option… (Besides just making it faster)

Why can’t you comment below with that?

what? :crazy_face::drooling_face:

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sorry im just so tired and its so late where I am.
my brain isn’t functioning atm, I mean ever.

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Sigh …Timepass

I’ll take your opinion under advisement.

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Been 9 Months… still nothing good enough.

I prefer tp how it is now.

You won’t at higher levels.

what a frightening thought!

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But there is other problems.

(Be better if it just worked differently.)

Make it work like mei’s icewall and sym’s ult.

It draws a line that can be rotated and then lands Reaper/Teleporter-End on the highest flat ground at the greatest allowed distance from the person using ability.

muda muda has more bugs under his sleeves.
we know it.

I think the tp should be debugged and then buffed

Still think my 3rd person idea would be easier for everyone involved.

how would it work though?
would the tp be like a doomfist ult but would she just stand there in the middle of no where, being vulnerable or what?

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Symmetra’s TP would be an excellent ability if it deployed instantly.

Like the concept is great, but Blizzard were so traumitized by how overpowered Hanzo’s rework was that they over-corrected in trying not to make Sym 3.0 OP.

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And this is why Blizzard stating that “it’s suppose to highlight Reaper’s weakness” is bunk because THIS is the results.

For mine for ShadowStep have it sorta function like Fade but instead of free movement you have that locked in location. Just something where it doesn’t hurt the flow of his gameplay-something that can be done while in motion.

As for TP I would prefer be infinite yet destroyable-heck build the entrance and exit separately.

Or if just improving the current TP:
Have the set up be a bit faster-and the setup be more conducive to the flow of the game. I really hate trying to set it up only to be bumped juuuust slightly and now it’s just 2ft apart.

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Remember Mercy Hiding was a thing… again I have explain how this would work like over 15 times this week (plus just added a link above)… Anyway going AFK. (Worktime and Snow tonight in Houston)