Sexuality, Religion & Political Views in Gaming


Apologies, I didn’t mean to sound toxic. It is just a simpler solution than asking game developers to restrict their creativity to make ‘everyone happy’ (which wouldn’t be everyone).

No I wouldn’t, because I would go play something else lol. I don’t consume media I disagree with :stuck_out_tongue: Thankfully there is a ton of games/movies/books/etc that do appeal to me.

Where did i say that?
I used Ana and Torb as an example since their families/ relationships were revealed and there was no commotion about it. Tracer’s and Soldier’s relationships are revealed and the forums have a melt down. Topics like this one start popping up saying video games shouldn’t reveal characters’ sexuality. ‘Not everyone agrees with it’, ‘it adds nothing to the game’, etc. The thing is a lot of people really enjoy getting to know the characters more.

If that is what you think then I am surprised you have stuck with Overwatch for so long. A big part of the game is knowing the heroes and their stories- hence the animated shorts, comics, and stories. If anything, the community wants more lore and less speculation.

I mean, yes these characters were introduced 3 years ago, but a lot of their personality and lives have slowly been drip fed to us over time. Technically everything we have learned about these characters is ‘out of the blue’ so I’m pretty sure THAT isn’t what is upsetting people.

I don’t have a source but I thought I saw a tweet long ago about a dev commenting that another hero in the cast was to be revealed as gay. Maybe someone else here remembers it.

Each time a character has been revealed to be gay/bi/ etc people like to think the Devs only did it to serve a PR purpose or to ‘look good’. Why can’t it just be that we learned a new fact about the character? Why can’t gay characters exist in a game without it turning into a deal? These are the questions that pop into my head when I see topics like yours in the forms.

Overwatch isn’t perfect, but the devs are trying to create a game that reflects the diversity of our own world. I look forward to seeing what direction they take the current characters into and what new heroes they have planned for us!


It’s lovely how you only reply to questions and statements that you can twist in your favor.
You call out people for presumed wrongdoings yet you are one of the people that is so aggressive about splitting groups based on sexuality.
People are fed up with guilt tripping and labels. The “you don’t like this or don’t agree with that so you are a so on and so forth” mentality will only work against you in the long run.


Politics literally cause wars…better flood our video games with peoples agendas! What could go wrong?


Congrats, this is now the farthest reach I’ve seen on the forums


When would it have been a “proper” time then? It just baffles me how revealing a gay character needs an exact, proper time for it, every little detail must be taken into consideration and it must be done exactly right, unlike revealing a straight character can be done anytime and anyway.

About the comments, being gay doesn’t exclude one being homophobic. Just like having black friends doesn’t exclude one being racist. Like one of our ministers says “I have lots of gay friends but still I don’t prefer them getting married or adopting.” :joy:

This MissEldira person and others too making conspiracy theories about “making heroes gay that’ll stick to those homophobes and advance our progressive values” make me just roll my eyes. Soldier’s orientation was hinted 2 years ago, it was told in a subtle and natural manner. If some people want to twist it into an attempt to just piss off certain people and lure in others who only care about character’s orientation and not the rest of them, then it’s their interpretation. Just like some people see it as an ideological stand if you just walk outside and look certain way. Some people have some serious issues of overthinking. Should the rest of us start walking like on glass shards around them?

It’s the same thing in everyplace I’ve seen LGBT characters revealed: it’s always wrong, it shouldn’t be done, done in a wrong way, wrong time, wrong place etc. And “progressive”? How is it progressive if there’s one or more LGBT characters in a videogame/show/book/whatever? Seems to me, no matter how humble, silent and inconspicuous the said character would be, phobes will still find them being a trigger.

So uh, you’re gay yourself, but if a gay character appears in entertainment, you’re worried if the writer only wanted to do it for pr attention? How would be not having gay characters around any solution to anything else except pleasing phobes? Like I said, apparently timing is wrong no matter when you do it, and the way is also wrong no matter how you do it.

You know what: before I came to read the forums after reading the story, it didn’t matter to me. :joy: It was just a minor part of the story, as I’m not interested in most relationships in entertainment anyway. I didn’t take notice of it. Then I came here and boom: forums full of homophobes. Then it started to matter. Every time phobes make it an issue, it starts to matter. Because they’re never happy how LGBT is represented. They just want them to get out of their sight because they don’t want to think about them.

Ps. I dislike Tracer and still not liking Soldier anymore than before.

If he meant Soldier with this, I’d still like to know how exactly isn’t he authentic? How is gay supposed to act and look and talk about their relationship, when every single thing seems to be a red flag to some people?

Yes, sadly, I were made into one by prejudiced and (considering the way they talk about LGBT and treat them) sadistic people who have no part in my life, and whom I’ve never and will never see. It’s pretty ridiculous isn’t it? Yet I refuse to be one. They may claim existing is a political agenda if you’re born certain way, and every time I’ll keep repeating how they can stuck their politics into somewhere the sun won’t shine. :smile:

Also, never said all white males are conservative and wealthy. Wonder where you pulled that strawman out of? In case you haven’t noticed, most of the western world’s sorry excuses of leaders are wealthy white cis males. In my country there’s zero non-whites, females or LGBT at the highest stair. And it shows in the lives of the rest of us.


I don’t think Soldier liking men will start a war.


People are fed up with inequality and uneducated bigotry. Splitting groups based on sexuality? That’s the whole point of this. If Soldier was announced to have a wife or female ex there would be no issue for anyone… We are not splitting based on sexualities we simply want to be seen as equal and valid.

You’re fed up with guilt tripping? How about being harassed, verbally or physically assaulted, or hell even hate crimed for simply being who you are?

I reply to whoever I want and am open to discussions. You haven’t made any valid points that I have seen…


You want to be seen as special. Look at how aggressive you are. You are just as bigoted as the people you are calling out.
You want to force the issue and that will never end well. As for wanting to be seen as equal as far as I am concerned it’s a case by case basis. And it has nothing to do with who you sleep with. It’s who you are as a person. Your personal sexual preference is not a instant pass for anything. And it should not be. But as I mentioned before keep tossing labels around that will win people over.
And please don’t think that harassment and abuse is reserved from one group of people.


What you’re actually saying is that sexuality should be omitted from video games, unless of course that sexuality is heterosexuality.

Your homophobia is transparent to everyone but you. You can be honest with yourself about your problems so you can start bettering yourself—and there are likely people here eager to assist and educate you. Or you can uninstall and go pre-order Anthem, taking your toxicity with you.


The person stated that all sexuality should not be in the game. How is that omitting any form of sexuality? How is it a phobia? Perhaps it can be seen as conservative or simply the desire to keep anything that is not directly related to the game out of it but look at what you just did. You took that statement and framed it as some sort of an attack. Slapped on the label and immediately put the person as a lesser. Someone to be looked down on. Is that not the type of behavior you are fighting against?


I don’t want to be seen as special. I want to be seen as equal and normal. Sexuality shouldn’t have anything to do with how people judge others, I agree.

I don’t know where you are getting your topics because I have said none of those things you are talking about. I never said sexual preference gives people a pass (wtf that’s so stupid. sounds like you are projecting though). I never want to force the issue, but here we are because people raise hell over one character being gay (over reasons that are steeped with homophobia). I’m aggressive because I’m tired af with the whole veiled homophobia thing because “we can dislike things!”. It’s fine to dislike the choice if your reasons don’t stem from hatred and bigotry… If they do, then that’s when you are indeed being HOMOPHOBIC. You match the descriptions if that’s your reasoning. Sorry you can’t take being called a word like that, but gay people are called much worse so i’m sure you’ll live.

I never said harassment and abuse is reserved for one group. That’s dumb and idk why you would even assume anyone would think that.


So what you’re telling me is…you honestly believe that the OP was genuinely suggesting that no videogame should ever show a romantic relationship of any kind? Are you seriously telling me this is what you believe? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Where are all their posts complaining about Widow’s sexuality being shown in the game? or Ana’s? Or Torb’s?


Let’s get to the point where you are behaving just like the people you claim to want to “educate”.


Or alternatively it can be including these things for the sake of representing

I mean you can go and play COD if you wanna, but really you cant escape race, sex, gender, politics even there. The only way that would be posible is to create blobs of characters of a completely made up race that has no race, culture or gender and procreates by existing, and no one know why they are fighting or where.


If you’re suggesting that I hate and bully homophobes…then yeah. You’re right.


This should not be hard to understand.

Here is a new character their name is Jaime. They look like a like a combat medic.
Here are their skills, and this is what they bring to Overwatch as far as gameplay.


Don’t make them straight , dont make them anything. That shouldnt even be something that is focused on. Let the audience decide. No one knows if Mario and Sonic are straight. People assume but they could be wrong. But who cares? That has nothing to do with their games.

And lastly ill say this again. This is just a game not a tool to use for whatever movement you think you represent. Not everything has to turn into a social awareness and acceptance tool for crazy activists.
This all just starts unnecessary nonsense and arguments. No matter how hard you try , you cant force your beliefs on others.
People activating acceptance to genders, religion or whatever, usually snap out at anything they deem as offensive. And thats when all these buzzowrds starts pouring out their mouths like "homophobe’ Its cute you like that word but but jesus learn a new word when you are trying to insult. It just seems lazy and overused by now.
Also the people that are actually against gays start spouting off ant-gay things (which isnt right).
Those of us that are not ani-gay, but would like all this nonsense (arguing, agenda, politics, etc) out of a “GAME” we enjoy, are caught int he middle getting toxic replies from these jr e-activists calling us homophobe. Just for not wanting all this drama mixed into our gaming enjoyment.


See this is the part where you project. Your personal life and issues do not belong in the game just like mine don’t.
You seem to presume by default that I am against you for some reason. You claim to want tolerance, understanding and to be seen as “normal” yet you yourself are separating people on sexuality and acting aggressive. How is that helping?


I am suggest that you are acting like the people you “bully” Ironic isn’t it?


Nope. It sure isn’t.


Then you are just as big a part of the problem as your “vicitms”. Think about that.
And honestly I don’t think you can “bully” wet tissue paper.