Severely Skipping Frames on OW PC

Hello all,

I used to be able to run OW on lowest settings and be able to hit 300 fps on the regular. I was running an i7-8700k processor and an RTX 2070 GPU.

I have recently upgraded to a better PC, using a Ryzen 7 5800x and an RTX 3070 and even on the lowest overwatch settings, everytime I join a game I get a severe frame drop/frame skipping. It would go down as low as 20 FPS anytime there would be another character near me. I feel like with the computer that I have now, I should be able to get at least 144 fps on medium to high settings. But I can’t even consistently keep that on the lowest settings.

Can anyone help me out?

Have you ever used Razer products?

If not, please take the time to review the other known issues pinned at the top of the forum.