Severe fps drop (10 fps)

Hi, I’ve been experiencing severe drop in fps in single digits (From 8-13) for about a month, shortly after the sigma update.

I was advised to update drivers and check for overheating and after an ENTIRE factory reset, they are up to date. The GPU temperature is shown to be around 30-52 Celsius in game and I am still having the same lag. I am also experiencing input lag with my mouse even just from the game starting screen.

I’m not sure what the issue is as it doesn’t seem to be overheating and as my laptop is a surface book, cleaning the fan/installing a cooler isn’t really a given option. I did have a really long gaming session RIGHT before the lag first started to happen though- Is there a possibility that this might have frazzled something?

The Didiax log:

Would appreciate all the input and help, thanks in advance!

Do you use any razer products?

If you do,

There’s an issue with one of their software programs.

No, none of my equipments are Razor.
My laptop is freshly out of a factory reset, with literally only antivirus and overwatch installed lol.

Only thing I can suggest would be closing out all background programs that you don’t need running. Did you check to make sure that Nvidia control panel is set to use your graphics card and not the integrated graphics?


If the issue occurs over time we would be looking at thermal throttling note you wouldn’t look at the GPU in this case but the CPU. I would recommend to collect the following data and upload it to a site like then link back here for review:

 `Link Here`
  • Open Overwatch goto: Options → Video → Turn on: DISPLAY PERFORMANCE STATS. Click: ADVANCED PERFORMANCE STATS+ turn them all on.

Once in game when this issue occurs press Shift+Ctrl+N to show your Network Graph, then take a Screenshot. Get this data back to us to review.

A screenshot of HWmonitor would be helpful. You can start it before you play then play till this issue occurs, take a screenshot of HWmonitor, showing your CPU temps.

Thank you!