Sever shutting down and we loose 50 comp point?

WTF is this JEFF?? Your server is shutting down and you take away out 50 comp point ?? How is this possible ?? Is this acceptable in the global? give us back our point !

Blizzard never gives SR back.

but this is not some leaver issue. This is thier server break down and likes they frame us also punished us for that issue

"What if it was the server’s fault?

Often we hear mentions of one off issues when we discuss penalties. “What happens if the servers crash or if Blizzard’s ISP has a problem?” or something of that nature. This does happen from time to time, but it’s pretty rare. The system is built to take that sort of thing into account, and periodic issues like this shouldn’t tank your skill rating too much. This is why the first few penalties are lenient compared to later ones. Over time even the Skill Rating drops will even out as you keep playing normal matches. As long as you aren’t intentionally leaving or having tech issues, this shouldn’t affect your account too much."