Setting max charges on Junkrats mines

Trying to brainstorm a way to remove the additional charge that junkrat has on his mine. Does anyone have any ideas? The set charge feature only sets the charge and doesn’t change the max charges so it just replenishes.

Edit: So I am contemplating of looping an action that continuously sets the charges to 1, however I don’t think there’s a feature to track the current cooldown status, and I haven’t found a max charges command yet.

I have it set where it loops back to 1 if the charges reach 2 but that is inefficient and not quite what I had in mind.

As you can track how many charges an ability has, I did this rule:

rule("Junk 1 Charge")
		Ongoing - Each Player;

		Ability Charge(Event Player, Button(Ability 1)) > 1;

		Set Ability Charge(Event Player, Button(Ability 1), 1);

It sets Ability 1 charges back to 1 when it reaches the second charge.

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I was using a similiar script but it kept recharging it’s when it had 1 but set it back to 1 once it reached 2. I could forsee people cheesing this and timing their ability usage for when before it reaches the second charge, effectively getting 2 charges.

It there any parameter that affects the cooldown? I figure there isn’t but might as well ask.

last time i checked junkrat mine charge data was bugged and doesn’t return the correct value.
(or at least i heard this recently, i haven’t seen it in-game personally because i haven’t been on in ages.)