Set Max Health resulting in 601 HP on hog


Setting Max Health to 50%, Wait 0.01, Set Max Health results in hog having 301 of 601 HP.

gyazo. com/b2ce9c3df61b2dfd97a449167c4df81a.png

gyazo. com/a6c7cd8b9d2a3d85edbf0032cff3ac3b.png

Also, this is my current workaround for there being to Set Current Health functionality.

Also, why in the heck can’t I post links?


Yeah, I have an event that gradually sets a hero’s health up by 25% and it seems to always end up at 251


It’s because of all the number used in the engine deals with float which have a small margin of error that causes it. if you set it to 49.99%, you will see the problem fix itself.


Floats don’t explain rounding errors this large.