Servers broken?


Yeah, we were playing comp and the game got really laggy for everyone, then two people on the other team left, but then our entire team got booted with no option to rejoin. I had just gotten endorsement level 3 and it went back to 2, I’m pretty mad about that


Does this also apply in SEA? Because I’m having the same issue. Server keeps crashing and latency is higher than usual, like waaaaay higher than usual. My internet is working fine.

There was even a situation where the server kept us hostage and it was compulsory to leave. When people did leave, they’d still be stuck in the group.


why would he say that and they probs dont know yet


It was wrecking ball fault wasn’t it. He chewed a wire did he now.


No problems on PS4…

(Bill Warnecke) #47

It’s too early to blame it on Hammond, but he’s definitely where we’re starting our investigation PositiveFac. :slight_smile:


Thanks for keeping us updated. :slight_smile: Wish there was more I could do to help, but for now - sending y’all positive vibes while you work on resolving this!


Well we have no choice but to wait, I wouldn’t say we’re patient.


Good luck to y’all. Hammond can be an sneaky bad little hamster if not watched.


hmmm must be russians


yes he did, that was a legit dunk


That sounds surprisingly and amazingly fun.


First to die loses!
(With the third person being the ref, Of course.)


XD the server murder mystery


ya bills the homie!!! good old uncle bill


Damn. Time to go play some Geoguessr while we wait.

and what the heck it put me out in the middle of nowhere again :joy:


Ty for the quick response, I thought it was my internet dipping on me


fix it


devs have any estimate time?


Even PTR crashed =( After a long weekend, I was hoping to play some Overwatch before bed. Guess I won’t get to tonight :-*(