Servers broken?


So apparently, you can’t get in the game, but if you’re in it, servers are fine


Both my teammates and the enemy team were lagging. I eventually got kicked from the game, and couldn’t rejoin. I lost SR AND an entire endorsement level :frowning: I wanna hope that Blizzard will give me back my level and SR, but that’s not likely to happen lol


In Heartstone too. I get kicked from the server and cant get in.


Seems to be Blizzard as a whole is broke.


Was in comp then the game server just closed for everyone, and now i cant get back into the game, says in queue blablabla then when you are done waiting in queue it says please login so i login and it just has me relogin over and over

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Hey folks we’re aware of a major issue affecting all Blizzard titles. We’re investigating, thanks for your patience.

Did the server just take a massive dump?
Disable comp or give some options when the servers are bad?

My friend lost 50 sr for this. We saw one person go and then another person until its was a 2 v 1 in a COMP GAME. Explain blizzard…


booted to the main menu where ill still be in the chat from the game i was just booted from. Nothing clickable outside “exit game” doing so results in a (battlenet) queue. That tells us a bit like its not an Overwatch server issue its a Bnet server issue.


is it sombra getting back at you guys for messing her up?


I lost an endorsement level I worked so hard to get when it kicked us from the comp game. Unable to log in to see if it stayed that way…


Yeah my friend that I was playing with stayed in while I restarted, he’s still able to get into games and play.


It’s happening on XboxOne, massive disconnect.


Wonder if they will be able to do a server roll back. lol? Is that a thing?


what exactly is this major issue, and when should we be expecting them back online


Yeah, we were playing comp and the game got really laggy for everyone, then two people on the other team left, but then our entire team got booted with no option to rejoin. I had just gotten endorsement level 3 and it went back to 2, I’m pretty mad about that


Does this also apply in SEA? Because I’m having the same issue. Server keeps crashing and latency is higher than usual, like waaaaay higher than usual. My internet is working fine.

There was even a situation where the server kept us hostage and it was compulsory to leave. When people did leave, they’d still be stuck in the group.


why would he say that and they probs dont know yet


It was wrecking ball fault wasn’t it. He chewed a wire did he now.


No problems on PS4…

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It’s too early to blame it on Hammond, but he’s definitely where we’re starting our investigation PositiveFac. :slight_smile: