Server Issues and Disconnect while in comp - entire team


Playing comp when players start dropping from the match. Then I go too. After trying to log back on a few times I’m able to rejoin the match for another minute but most of my team has been disconnected. Enemy team had someone loose connection and get back on like I had. Lost connection again and was not able to rejoin.
I play on OCE NA servers.


Yeah, just had that happen with me and two other party members, all of us repeatedly lost connection, and couldn’t connect back, even with the match still going. None of us have had issues like this in the past.


Just happened to me too RIP SR


Same. Can’t get back in either.


It appears something has broken


I love that im gonna lose 50+SR and get a 30 minute ban for blizzards servers


yeah this happened to me too, can’t connect to server now, I’m suspended and lost SR


Can I get an F in the forums for the servers?


If you are from OCE region, please check this thread/add your info there: