Server error LC 202


I keep getting this while trying get online. All my friends have gotten on just fine now and I’m curious what is going on?


Blizzard is currently investigating console connection issues at this time.


I still can’t log in but my friends have all managed to log in and can play just fine so why can’t I log in??


Same issue here ps4 error lc 202 can’t log in,but my friend playing.


I am also recieving this, when changing accounts im logged into on ps4 it logs it in. But not mine. I assume its an account issue.


Hey all,

Just wanted to chime in here. As Wyoming Mentioned, we’re still investigating this situation. While I can’t share the specifics now, it’s more complicated than normal connection issues. We’re investigating a few options to help with the server issues ASAP so that you all can get in and play without interruption.

For the time being we highly recommend avoiding competitive modes as some players are experiencing connection issues even when they get in game. If we get any more information we’ll be sure to share.

Thanks for your patience and reaching out to our support teams to let us know about this. We <3 your faces for helping us become aware of these things and sort them out.


I was finally able to get in.
I doubt powercycles would help here.
What i did was after connecting to OW on a different ps4 account i went to QP when it put me in skirmish i held the ps4 button n restarted ps4 without closing OW or leaving skirmish when i restarted my ps4 auto logged my main ps4 account. N ow let me in.

(Bill Warnecke) #8

Hey folks, we’ve identified a fix for the PS4 stability issue. We’re rolling out a server side hotfix now and expect it to be fully out within an hour. At that time Ranked Play will be enabled again as well.

Apologies for the hassle today, thanks for being so patient.

Edit: This issue is now resolved. If you’re still having problems, please create your own thread.

PS4 overwatch latest update
40,000,000 players and 15 min wait times?


how about for pc i can’t get in to my account for overwatch. i tried reloging so many times and all i said is “connection failed” if i am banned from overwatch i can say that i didn’t do anything wrong in the game. i would appriciate if u fixed the issue ASAP