Server Crashed?

Let me start by saying, I have never crashed/DC/etc before in this game, starting from day 1.

Kinda broken when the server itself goes dead.

Was in a comp game. Me, 3 others all got thrown out, from both teams,
unable to join back. Get hit with a penalty suspension and around 80SR loss.


There’s a connection issue, primarily with Spectrum users. The support team is aware of it and looking into it.

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Ah okay.
Weird for being the first time.
II do use spectrum.

Also, one of my buddies who was playing also got disconnected and he uses At&T.

From what I’ve read in the linked thread, I think it’s primarily Spectrum users but might also be affecting others. I would add to the thread in technical support and see if one of the supports can give you more of a clue.