Server crashed and we got suspended and lost SR

I was just playing a competitive match on Kings Row at about 12:40 NZ Time.
Every single person in the server started teleporting and lagging, then we all got sent to a black screen. We could use text chat but not play the game. Eventually it said “failed to connect to server” and we had to leave the game.

My duo partner and I lost 50SR.

This is not a “your ISP had a problem” this was an outright server crash. The whole lobby crashed out, as evidenced by the screenshots.


Can we have our SR back please?

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Does it let you log back in? Seems like the whole game is down.

So I was group leader. I left the game and still got black screen, I had to exit the game. Note that when I left the game I did NOT get a warning about leaving and receiving a penalty.


There was a drop in users within our Oceania region but it appears to have recovered. We will keep an eye on it but at this time things seem to be returning to normal.

Thank you.

That’s great, thanks for letting us know!
But what about the loss of SR for something that’s not my fault?

Howdy Clups,

Anytime! As for the loss of SR, that would only be something our developers could resolve. We discuss this here at the top of these forums in the sticky thread: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties under the section: What if it was the server’s fault? You could provide feedback to our developers about this over on the General forums. Customer Service has no ability to alter or change SR.

I understand this is not the information you wish to hear but I do hope I was able to provide you a clear path on giving that feedback, and our stance on this type of issue.


Thanks Zuvykree.

Swings and roundabouts as the post says – I often get plenty of “free” SR from enemy leavers/disconnection so it balances out anyway. It still sucks there appears to have been a server crash.

Everything seems fine now, I’ve since played a couple of matches.