Server crash, player get ban

Server crash several time in the last days and now i’m getting a 8h ban because your server crash again. seriously…

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How are you deciding if it’s a server crash and not a technical malfunction on your side?

had a lot of server closed due to unnexpected error, and i’m not the only one in my group who had random lag spike\crash. several time in the last few days. thats insanly higher than usual. i’m alone on a 60mb/s connection.

It’s most likely related to the ISP they’re using, sadly enough they cannot detect nor compensate for these issues.

It can happen from time to time probably because of the strain of the current Pandemic. If these issues happen too often then you can tweet to and ask if there are any known issues at that time.

Won’t fix the ban, and I won’t create a twitter account to have a ‘’ its not us its you ‘’ like blizzard do 99.9999% of time.

Neither you or Blizzard is in control of the ISP, nor can Blizzard be held accountable for this.

The twitter will be useful to know if there are issues going on, so you know to avoid gameplay. It’s a good prevention tool.

Also Competitive punishments don’t get overturned, contacting CS won’t change that nor will a post.


Often we hear mentions of one off issues when we discuss penalties. “What happens if the servers crash or if Blizzard’s ISP has a problem?” or something of that nature. This does happen from time to time, but it’s pretty rare. The system is built to take that sort of thing into account, and periodic issues like this shouldn’t tank your skill rating too much. This is why the first few penalties are lenient compared to later ones. Over time even the Skill Rating drops will even out as you keep playing normal matches. As long as you aren’t intentionally leaving or having tech issues, this shouldn’t affect your account too much.