Server Crash -- 2 Hour Ban!?!?

So I was in a regular competitive game (doing my best, playing like normal) and the server crashed in the last 30 second kicking me from the game, when the game finally manages to load again I have been banned from Competitive for 2 hours?!

Are other people having this happen?

They just announced they are having hacking issues and yet here I am, a regular player who has NEVER quite a game (quickplay or comp), not once ever, in the middle and I am getting punished?

I love Overwatch, the first and only FPS I like, but this is seriously messed up and I don’t even want to play anymore if this is how they treat people who are ejected from their own system, not even someone who quite voluntarily, I would never do that. Please tell me I am not the only one being short changed like this? But on the other hand I hope I am cause this sucks :frowning:

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I was playing a comp match and the game disconnected me from the server. It logged me out of Overwatch and when I restarted, it wouldn’t let me join back. It happened to me like 5 minutes ago. It’s annoying because I lost plat because of this. I got banned for only 10 minutes but did not even get a chance to rejoin. Blizzard is there anyway you can change this system?

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i got 30 minutes and they robbed me of 100 SR… but who cares about the players right? it’s not like they keep the games alive or anything…

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The DDOS attacks are directed at the ISP’s Blizzard use, not the Blizzard servers themselves.
They have nothing to do with it themselves.

Yes I see but there is a responsibility while choosing an ISP. I think they should do something about SR losts.

Well costs from ISP’s are different all around, so it needs to come around their budget.

Plus you shouldn’t take DDOS attacks into consideration when choosing an ISP because it’s somewhat impossible to be protected against DDOS attacks.

For the name of customer satisfaction if they are having DDoS attacks and players are losing SR without their failure, they should take some actions regarding the issue.

Well the thing is, it’s not on their side.

Their servers cannot detect if there is a technical malfunction with the client or ISP.
This means that CS would require to refund SR per each player causing less CS availability.

You can always suggest something in #general-discussion if you’d like something to change.
But i’d doubt they’ll change this.

Then they’ll loose player. That’s all from me.