Server Connection Issues - AU

Ever since the update I’ve been having some connection issues only on specific maps, Blizzard World, Kings Row and Watch Point: Gibraltar just to name a few. I’ve also taken some (bad) screen play to demonstrate some of these issues.

Blizzard World

Watch Point: Gibraltar

Again this is only happening on a certain few maps that I’ve noticed and when connected locally to the AU servers (wherever that may be) I usually do run at 25-30ms ping, but on these maps they fluctuate from 40ms - 90ms. I don’t limit my send rates as my internet is usually stable enough to handle the game

Any help is greatly appreciated to try and fix these issues, I feel like I won’t be able to play and just let my team down lagging around the place.

Wasn’t able to play either of your videos. It’s very possible this is a connection issue, even if you’re only noticing it on a few maps. I’d look over this thread, and if you need more help, make sure you read the last post, which tells you what you need to do next. Common Connection and Latency Issues

This could possibly be one of two issues that I’m aware of.

Issue One: If you’re on NBN by any chance, a lot of providers that piggyback on Telstra have been having some epic routing problems in the last couple of weeks. Be thankful you’re only getting 40-90ms during your spikes, as those of us in Perth have to live with that kind of latency permanently! :rofl:

Issue Two: A friend and I have noticed Overwatch is relying almost entirely on the Singapore servers for the Oceanic region now. Latency from Melbourne to Singapore (where I assume you are, based on 25-30ms normally) is expected to be at around the 90ms mark, so this may be what you’re seeing. One way to check is by launching the netgraph function using CTRL+SHIFT+N during a match. You should see the server name somewhere on the screen (I think in the top-left, first line of stats). From memory I think the Singapore server is pse1 and Sydney is pse2. My theory is they’ve temporarily turned off the Sydney server because there are so few people playing the game at the moment and it’s getting a pretty bad reputation. The perception of a low population (more likely to happen on a purely Australian server than anywhere else) will only go toward convincing people the game is dying, as we have a low population to begin with, so it’s a PR move.

Anyone else keep getting D/C’d from servers like all 12 players?

Blame Blizz Con. been doing it since blizz con went live.

Hi! Thanks so much for the detailed response I tried the CTRL+SHIFT+N functions to see for myself and I am connecting to the pse2 servers for every map I’ve tested tonight and even when I went back into Blizzard world the connection still had lag spikes every 5 seconds compared to other maps where it was working just fine minutes before hand.

I’m really running out of ideas at this point.

Odd and potentially silly question: are you using WiFi?

Open up CMD and type:
ping -t

If you’re getting anything more than 1-5ms (including spikes), your home networking is janky. If doesn’t work, try Sometimes you’ve gotta go back to the very basic start to troubleshoot these problems.

If that comes back OK, try:
ping -t

If you get anything more than ~50ms (depends on your location) or if you get spikes, then there’s a problem with your WAN connection (internet). This could either be being caused by your router or by your ISP, or it could be a routing issue with an ISP your connection may piggyback on.