Seriously? Pulse Bomb Nerf?




Wait, Tracer got nerfed?

Hmm, I suppose, if a nerf had to happen, that’s the one that preserves what makes Tracer, Tracer. If they would have gone after the mobility or damage I’d have considered that far more dire than this.

Seems ok to me!


Tracer is still gonna kill like 90% of the roster with her ult, no biggy. This just makes her not so devastating to tanks, she can still pewpew them for ult charge.


I am actually amazed they nerfed Tracer. I thought they would never do that.
They are going in the right direction, these PTR changes are good


People are going to wish Tracer had her 400 dmg pulse bomb when death ball and triple - quad tank become more prominent.

But still happy this is all they did, even if I think she doesn’t need a nerf at all, as her kit is entirely dependent of the skill of the person playing her


Official patch notes:


Seems fine to me. I’m still going to be dying to it even after I get into the yellow safe zone.


Well, the only person this has an impact on is Bastion. She still kills everyone she already could in one shot.


Thanks, Ivan! :+1:



That feel when Tracer is the general best DPS option against Tanks

In a world where Reaper, Junkrat, and Bastion exist

And to reduce that they nerf a tool she can use; and people complain

I wish Ana still had 80 damage; “Oh Ana deals too much damage as a support! Yeah but Tracer the Flanker can melt Tanks so…”


Not what was needed. Either her survivability or DPS needs to be looked into.


Justified nerf is justified.


yeah i’ve never quite found it fair how good tracer is vs. tanks and pulse is a fairly big reason why.

this just gives me more reason to grind out pulse aim to get healers instead of going for the easy tank stick


They seriously nerfed the most balanced hero in the game?


nah, soldier’s not in the patch notes


Scared of what? That a dominating hero will receive some very needed nerfs?


That’s how it goes. At least they’re listening to you guys who think she should be


Seriously. Stop doing the fan service to people who hate Tracer. I don’t like her myself, but I don’t think she ever needed a nerf.


I miss deathball :frowning: .


Lol! Nah, just the plethora of Tracer players reactions. I feel like it’s the very first nerf to Mercy all over again X)