Seriously bugs me why more wasn't on the ExC

Why are we not trying something dramatic?

Like a new version of 1/3/2

Or Mirrored Maps

Or Switching a Hero role.

New Possible Abilities




Why are we still using the ExC as a way to promo live instead of the PTR?

I think thats kinda just a waste.

And wonder if their will ever be such test on ExC.

Like 1/3/2 was.


They still need to try regular balance changes
Sometimes we’ll get a game changing thing and sometimes a regular balance change

I don’t really see a problem with that

I just feel like we should have two different modes…

Ones were they actually test stuff.

And a mode where they actually promo stuff.

Having it as one is just confusing.

Covid-19 is hampering alot of things. Stop being so selfish.


Cringey as always I see.


Maybe because Echo is already on PTR and they are trying to adjust some characters to introduce her?
Like, Pharah is competition to Echo, Genji is a competition… Ashe is a counter…
Imagine releasing a new hero and people going crazy about “she makes Pharah useless, She makes Genji useless, Ashe can’t counter her…”


I don’t know if that’s actually Relevant

Devs can still talk can’t they not.

Plus don’t know if any dev is actually sick

(*Also stop bringing up the past Sobad, not gonna explain myself again every week, That was different and deserved.)

It was the wrong time and the wrong place.


They cannot talk about anything because:

  1. Again Covid-19 hampers Development. Homes don’t have farms that are necessary for the development process. You can build a rig for game development but without a farm, processing takes longer. So no statements can be made until there is something concrete. They cannot afford speculation.

  2. No opinions, personal or otherwise, can be made by employees unless cleared as they may not be reflective of the design philosophy. Jeff could personally want a support Symmetra but he can’t say anything as that’s not what the development team as a whole wants to be done. Until its unanimously agreed upon don’t expect him to share personal opinions. Especially given YOUR record of over speculation which will lead to claims of false advertising and just becoming a legal nightmare.

  3. Overwatch 2 takes priority now.

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iirc, didn’t they said we would see 1-3-2 for a few days at a time multiple times? a new version probably is being considered

as far as mirrored maps, every koth map is mirrored, and every push map is roughly mirrored. so we’ve got tons of mirrored maps coming for ow2, it’s reasonable that those won’t be in expiremental

They have families and other things to deal with. This is not a “me me me” situation.

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Because Experimental is meant for the main mode.

RQ and buff balance patches. Which is far more important than whatever silly mode that’s entertaining but doesn’t really solves the main issue of OW right now.

Did they? I missed that. Does anyone have a quote?

Although, quote or no quote, I wouldn’t be surprised if a new 132 is being mooted, simply because of how good its queue times were.

Nvm, I went and found the post that made me think that and I was remembering it wrong:

The “I would expect the card to come up every few weeks and stay up for a few days, if that answers the question.” part was about the card in general

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