Serious Frame rate Drops

So I took about a 1 month break from Overwatch(before Sigma came out), and I decided to hop on today. I had a constant 20 frames, and in large team fights, had less than 10. Before my break, I stayed at a consistent 120 frames and never dropped below 90. I’ve tried everything, including updating my drivers, scanning and repairing through the battlenet app, reinstalling the game, and lowering my in game settings. Despite this, I’m still struggling to make it past 30 frames. I have no idea what is causing this but it makes the game unplayable. Please help!


You did most of the things I’d suggest for this other than closing background applications which may be fighting us for your drivers and troubleshooting your security.

If that doesn’t work it’s likely overheating. Grab hwmonitor and play a game until it crashes. Once it does, check the “max” column of your test for CPU/GPU overheating. If those are getting too hot, clean the PC and take it to a PC tech if that doesn’t fix the overheating - that’d probably mean some of the heat hardware needs maintenance or replacement.

If you don’t see anything, let’s snag some screenshots:

  1. Maximize the HWMonitor window and expand all the nodes on the left
  2. Scroll all the way up
  3. Take a screenshot with the Print Screen (prtscn) key
  4. Open up the program Paint and press ctrl+v to paste in the test
  5. Crop the screen if you want to only show the test, then save it as Test1.JPG
  6. Scroll all the way down, then repeat steps 3-5.
  7. Upload them somewhere like imgur and link us to the results. We’ll use those to look for more options.

If you have link errors, copy the code below, then copy/paste your link between two ` marks, it’ll break the link and let you post it. You can just copy paste everything in the box below and replace “Link goes here” with your link.

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Are you saying screenshot the application after a game crashes?

Specifically, we need screenshots of your HWMonitor test. Run it while playing until the game crashes, then follow the instructions above to get pictures of all the data in the test. We can look over those for more insight into your issue.

I found that my frames jump back up to a normal rate while I’m spectating or dead. Is this a known problem? Neither my cpu or gpu are being maxed out.

Are you using any Razer Chroma devices?