[Sept 24] Overwatch Crashing After 1.40.1 due to Mismatch Spoke/Text Language Setting


same here, crashes every time


Changing spoken language from japanese to english worked for me


Korean voice pack is currently not working.


Not only Korean or Japanese languajes, to avoid crashes you have to set your voice languaje to the same of the text, if not, game will crash

for example:
text en_US
Voice en-US
Voices in es_ES will crash the game

Error Applying Update - Unknown Error

OMG thank you! i use korean voice since 2 years, menu in english. changed to english now and it starts up. i also been noticing broken voicelines (sometimes i couldnt hear important enemy ultimates etc) BEFORE the patch already… i guess with the update it caused the bigger issue of crashing. hope blizz will fix this so i can swap back to korean

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Thanks for the report. We are actively looking into this issue.


i changed spoken language back to english and it works again. looks like an issue with the languages?


Just as additional information, nothing else, i had zero issues of this kind. So who know, it might be related to something specifically.

Edit: in regard of the previous post: i am not playing on english language btw. and have no issues.


Hey y’all,

As some of you have already identified, this is in fact a bug with a mismatch in game languages. To work around it for now while we fix the bug, please set your game spoken and text languages to the same language. You can do that by:

  1. Opening the Battle.net Application
  2. Clicking Options above the news widget and selecting Game Settings
  3. Under Overwatch set the Text Language and Spoken Language dropdowns to the same language.

Thanks again for all the reports!

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Scanned and Updated everything. I cant even start the game anymore. It keeps crashing.

Error Applying Update - Unknown Error

This is with me too … always get this error code


Same here i just updated the game and i was about to enter and it crashed


it helped me - I’ve change text and speaking language to the same: English

note: previously both languages I had set to polish and my game kept crashing


Yes, it appears it is an issue with the language settings. Thank you to whoever came up with the solution to change it back to English.
Thanks again


will rollback? some people got a permanent ban in a competitive game.


Thank you so much! switched the voice back to English and the game launches just fine now.


Changed language from Japanese to English and haven’t crashed since


Worked for me too, i normaly play it on french. Thanks!


Banned 10 minutes and lost SR thanks to the Blizzard team incompetence. TY Blizzard


Same! I even uninstalled the game and reinstalled again, it still cannot load!