Seems like Someone got Hungry and Ate the Hero Balance Changes for the next PTR

Why is that?

Because there are none :yum:

(Yeah, as of right now, there are no hero balance changes for the next PTR)

This seems like they are just setting the foundations for the next update by fixing bugs. They will probably add the changes with updates.

This update will almost definitely drop the moment Winter Wonderland event ends.

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I feel that the next update will come out sometime this week or it could come out today.

Arenโ€™t most of the developers currently on holiday?

Or, hear me out, put your tinfoil hat on. This patch have hidden strings to new map and when event ends it will be updated with it and released week later.

yea and the new update will stay untill lunar new year event (included), they are debuging mostly for the next league
because they will use it (the ptr has already the new achievements)