Season ban due to constant crashing when starting a match

Overwatch has been behaving very strangely for me for the past couple of days. Whenever I open up a quick play or a competitive game there is a very good chance (like 6 out of 10) of my game to simply freeze on the hero select screen and crash. This happened to me a number of times and now I’m Season banned from playing comp. Fortunately all crashes occurred right at the start of the match so nobody’s SR was compromised. Does this happen to someone else, and can Blizzard possibly lift my ban? Would be really appreciated


Our focus here would be on troubleshooting the actual issue which is the crashing. What exactly occurs when the game “Crashes”. Are you stuck at the Hero select screen till it times out? Does the game just suddenly disappear no error message? Does the system hard lock up forcing you to restart it?

We cover our scope of support and what actions we expect when running into this type of issue Here. We will not overturn the penalty system but we will help you fix the core issue so you don’t run into problems.

Feel free to also post up your Dxdiag. Make sure to highlight the contents and select the code block icon </> which will allow us to review this data easier.

Thank you!