Season 9 Crashing on Nintendo Switch

Overwatch is completely unplayable as of now on the switch. Every single time I’ve played a game since the S9 update came out, OW crashes mid game.

I’ve gotten suspended for two hours already because of it, and it’s getting tiring. I’ve tried everything but it doesn’t work.

Please fix this asap :frowning:


This is happening to me too.

I’m also on switch, and it will crash sometimes when I try to respawn. I’m barely able to finish a game at all.

No idea whats causing it, but definitely something to do with the S9 update that needs fixing.

I’m currently suspended for 4 hours now because of it. Absolute joke.


My sons game keeps crashing on switch as well, currently he’s at 4 hours suspended. You should atleast stop suspending people until you get the issue fixed.


Currently waiting until I see that there is a fix before I play again. I don’t want to ruin anything else with the game crashing constantly. It would be nice to see them acknowledge this problem and say they are working on it. I know they said there is a known issue with graphics cards causing the issue, but it doesn’t say specific to Nintendo Switch.


I’m also dealing with this on switch.


Same problem, now im suspended for 4 hours, the unranked penalty was stupid but now with this bug is near imposible to the end the match or level up the battlepass


im pretty sure its because its not technically a switch specific issue and the graphics card that the nintendo switch uses is the one that they stated in the patch notes


My game keeps crashing in the middle of a game since the update I really thought It was my switch :sob: I’m getting tired of being suspended over this

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I’m also having the same issue. Hope it gets fixed soon.

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This is happening to me also, i really want to gain xp in the battlepass so i can buy it but i keep on crashing and my progress obviously isn’t gonna do anything. Overwatch is gonna lose out on money from me if they don’t fix these bugs <\3

I am so fed up with the crashing. I paid for the battle pass and I cant even play the game. This needs to be fixed ASAP because this is totally unfair to switch players.

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nintendo switch player here and the same thing is happening to me. I played couple of unranked matches and notice the problem happens mid game. It shows software error… please fix :face_exhaling: :heart_hands:

Season looks cool and whatever but I can’t even play the game anymore at this point. It’s not worth it at all. I’ve already had a 5 hour ban from being kicked in QUICK PLAY which stopped me from playing anything else for those 5 hours. I also lost 2 endorsement levels which sucks and I’m too nervous to even attempt to play the game. Is blizzard even aware? I haven’t heard anything on their behalf are they even trying to fix it or was it going to be an issue and they just released the update unfinished.

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Bro when can we play, 4d we waiting


So annoying I can’t play with my friends :.)


Yes, the developers have acknowledged the issue in the sticky thread at the top of this board and are actively working on it.

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I haven’t finished one of the last 5 matches I have tried and I have been ejected from competitive placement matches repeatedly. This is not acceptable, I’m going to end up with rank impacts and get stuck in some bronze hell where I have to mercy pocket my way back to where I belong.

This needs to be a priority one item and it needs a hot fix delivered within 2 weeks.

I mostly do tank n dps, not too into healing >~>

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haveing issues not very happy :frowning:

Is blizzard even acknowledging this problem? There’s already been hundreds of posts and emails about it but blizzard hasn’t said anything at all