Season 9 comp thoughts

Played a couple of games, spent most of the time just trying to keep people alive when queued on support, couldn’t focus on anything else. Games are steam roll or get rolled at a slower rate.

Way too much damage in the game that takes zero skill

Absolutely hate illari python and hog trap, time wasted shooting that crap.

Junkertown changes make the map feel super small and the building just looks like it was copied and pasted there, so out place.

Solider extremely OP, MNK cheaters, add mercy and it’s just insane.

Wish masters and above was solo queue only.

The changes they made only allowed more people to get boosted in groups & higher ranks while solo queuers continue to suffer trying to climb.

Guess I’ll play again in two weeks and see if anything gets better.

Wrong forum, this belongs under General Discussions.