Season 4 matchmaking

The matchmaking is so awful right now i am a plat player and i always play with grandmaster or masters.And for some reason they are all on the enemy team.Season 3 matchmaking was better in my opinion.Things are even worse for qp


Not surprising when everyone’s ranks seem to have been randomized a few hours ago.

The matchmaking seems fine to me. I mostly play ranked and have had a mix of close matches, uneventful matches and a few steamrolls. Par for the course for any MP game.

Only played QP last night, but I think there’s a variety of things going on.

  1. Overwatch 2 Known Issues - April 11, 2023

  2. Players returning after being gone

  3. People trying out SW

  4. Adjustments to some characters

  5. See 1) - rank decay for some players has potentially created a skewed MM.

Personally, last night in QP me and my duo/trio had some games where we literally spawn camped the enemy… and we were very confused. We weren’t really… trying to. We even backed up at one point to give them space.