Season 35 might be the last season for OW1

So get what gold weapons you want before the changes to comp happen in OW2.

Don’t know what gold gun to get after hitting 3500 comp points in balance. Was thinking I should wait for Mauga to release and get his. If I reach 6000 before OW2 releases I’ll get one gold gun soI still have 3000 to get Mauga’s instantly.

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If anything gold weapons are gonna become easier to get if they move them from comp

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I only have Bastion, Mei, Sym and Sombra left. The reworked for OW2 trash crew lol. Sombra or Bastion is today’s get.

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Maybe… but if they did that it’ll be one less incentive to queue comp. Seeing as the game is going F2P with battlepasses they probably won’t care.

On my main account I pretty much got all the gold guns that I want (flex support and hitscan dps) if i had to choose between Sombra or Bastion I’d go with Sombra. Bastion is :sleeping::sleeping: lol

I just got Sombra. I gotta earn enough to get bastion sym and mei. I think my switch account had enough so ill do mei because sym and Bastion are even worse in ow2 than her.

gold weapons will probably be a store item with currency. so yea $$$

they’ll also release other types like diamond, platinum or shiny crystalized weapons like valorant

Penultimate means second to last, but besides that

And you don’t think that’s a good thing?

They shouldn’t give out any type of cosmetic to encourage people to play competitive, they should play it because they want to play it.

Golden Weapons is why the first week of a season stinks if you didn’t complete your placements because the placements are filled with people who don’t care about competitive and just want the weapon.

I wouldn’t be surprised if OW1 comp was automated to do that. Still I doubt OW2 comp will start in the middle of season 36 on launch day.

It wont, season 36 will end just before early access, and either season 37 will start, or season 1 of overwatch 2 comp will start

This is also a blog post made by Jodie the cm, not a bot, and the way they’ve been formatting these things they’ve always listed the start date of the next 2 competitive seasons, only listing one, means that its the last