Season 2 retrospective: A look back and the road forward

In Season 3, we’re bringing back Overwatch Credits, which had been previously shown as Legacy Credits and been unearnable in Overwatch 2. Now, all players can earn up to 1500 credits as free rewards and another 500 credits as premium rewards spread throughout Season 3 Battle Pass.

So I’m a little confused here. You say “spread throughout Season 3 Battle Pass” but I see that as the free version, so can you earn up to 2000 on the free BP or only 1500 on the free one and if you want the extra 500 you need to buy the Premium Battle Pass?

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Between this and the matchmaker dev post I’m going to cry. This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. A comp ladder that makes sense, and a skin system I can actually use because I’m too broke for anything more than the battlepass and can’t spend money on skins. The only thing that remains, is for store exclusive items to be unlockable in hero gallery for credits after a certain lockout period.

Thank you.



Will you be bringing back Weekly Challenge Skins?

For example, in Overwatch 1 during the Halloween Terror Event or the Summer Games Event or the Overwatch Archives Event, there was 1 Skin available each week of the 3 week event that you could earn by simply completing the challenges of that particular week.

Can we expect those skins to be available again in the future?


Not only a blog post, but a blog post with ACTUAL information.

No vague “we’re listening” with “soon” thrown in every two seconds.

Actual responses to player concerns and criticisms with detailed responses on how they want to adjust for it.

Now I’m not just going to assume everything’s going to be fine and dandy going forward, but THIS is a significantly better example of good communication than some of the recent official posts and I hope they do this more than they keep doing the likes of:

“More details on short-term changes and long-term vision will be coming soonTM.”


So once again you are screwing up old Overwatch players as the credits are only for old stuff.
I have every single piece of item personally and once again this game is the least rewarding out there.
Also there is not any interest in keep playing for rewards specifically, if you keep giving old stuff that old OW players get absolutely nothing out of!
Not caring for some vital changes towards old OW players, saying you will do stuff in the “future”, shows the greed in making as much money as possible till the “store stops selling”.

And people, please do not fall for this.
Prices should have been way lower than 1500 credits and we should be able to get way more credits than what they will be giving to us.
It is that they made this economy system so bad that even a small change might give us the false impression that these changes are actually good.

We sincerely demand more from you!
We hope the OW team and devs push the higher ups for better changes!


Wait… i need more information about this coins… Looks like scam but maybe i’m wrong…

So… In season 3 we can got 1500-2000 OLD [overwatch 1] coins but ZERO premium coins right?
In season 3 Now i can buy all overwatch 1 stuff but… NO overwatch 2 [shop] stuff right?

Or i’m wrong? So… if i don’t understand tell me what are you thing?


Hero based progression system? No idea what this means, but i`m intrigued.
I thought that was planned for the PvE hero missions.

They really thought we’d be excited for getting more of a currency we already own everything with and have 50,000+ of :skull:

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good stuff, i like the ram changes are both a hard cap on the timer, and a slower countdown rather than an unlimited one. makes contesting the objective in overtime feel a little more possible.

and i’m definitely :face_holding_back_tears: about the possibility of showcasing sombra mastery so everyone knows exactly how annoying i can be


Make the blue tier skins the level of progression you have on a hero, then also give all other heroes that don’t have new blue tier skins for their ow2 redesigns those skins

It’s a good change even if it should’ve been here in the first place, be glad change is happening lol

1500 on free track and the other 500 on premium track.

Basically like hero mastery in LoL. You will able to see how much you play certain hero.

The overwatch 1 coins and the premium currency are the same thing, they just made it so you can actually earn them without paying

1500 free, extra 500 if you buy the battlepass

I called it, S3 was gonna be an improvement :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I might be wrong but, I can’t understand why some people are so happy about credits coming back.

It’s good for the new OW2 players to have a way to buy the event skins (and not) without the 20 euros prince, but what about the other old players who either have all the old event (and not) skins, or have many of them and they don’t want another??

From what I understand from the blog, they have no plan to change anything on the way someone can earn the new OW2 skins.

  • No change on the way we earn premium coins (they will keep the bad weekly reward system)
  • No mentions of lowering the prices for the new upcoming skins

Since the OW1 skin from the old seasons (and not) is limited (since every new skin now costs premium coins or money), in some months we will still be in the same spot as now. That new change affects more the new players and some of the old who will just get what they want in some months and then again “hello OW2 20 euro skins”.

Have I understood anything wrong? Correct me pls but I did not see any mention of any premium coins and the new ow2 upcoming (20 euro / 2000 pc skins) change.


Not at all the same thing. Classic credits can’t be used in the store. Hopefully they will eventually tell us the store exclusive skins will come to hero gallery after some time.


I can’t wait for them to say “Overwatch 2 is a failed update on our game” because with this update, it already happen on Overwatch 1. For almost 2 years of no update on Overwatch 1 because “FOCUSING” more update on the new series and its total shame.


Holy crap we can actually earn stuff again? About damn time… i think some adjustments still need to be made (be nice if “newer” skins become available 2 or 3 seasons after their debut) but its at least a step in right direction.

Tbh I feel like Season 2 was better than 1.

Still glad to see we’re being heard but still a bit frustating to feel some design works is still going on where it would have been better done earlier… But better late than never.