Season 18 Bugged Placements?

So yes when S18 placement went live they were bugged.

Now, that it’s live Blizzard looks like they went in and changed the SR for anyone that’s placed during the bugged season. For me that means giving me an SR that was roughly 200 lower than what I achieved in Role Queue Beta, and looking at the number it’s literally the same SR that I recieved during S17 placements.

So I play a game afterwards. Only to find that my SR adjustment is double what it was during S17 and throughout Role Queue Beta.

I’m lose 36 SR for one match, where throughout my entire time playing I lose 23-25 and gain 25.

I’m curious what the deal is, why aren’t we allowed to play placements? And why does it seem like information gathered during RQB has no impact despite saying that it would? Is anyone else encountering things like this or?

same for me my placements were played when I came to PC when my friend told me that Season 18 is live? 48minutes played on current competitive season and I was legit sleeping before this live season :smiley: ??? OwO

Hi guys

I have some problems regards placement

My season 17 was 3523 sr

I won 5/5 games as dps and my sr dropped to 3249

How does it work ?

Was clearly said as well about beta won’t affect competitive sr at all, seems like my beta sr count towards next season

Thoughts ?

I think it was bugged. Just finished the healing placements and I know Im not a 1584. Out of 4 wins of 5 games, its clearly using the placements from Beta even though they said it wouldn’t be basing the current SR off of past placements or role queue beta. I was very thoroughly annoyed

However, regarding the OP question, I don’t know. People that played during the bugged time are reporting various strange results.

Season 18 with its new role queue (not sure if its been done before cause I haven’t played in months) absolutely sucks

The fact we are forced to play the 2-2-2 meta is bull mainly due to the fact that no one wants to play healer or tank cause then you have to be the support holding up the team, and people don’t have the patience to wait about 10 mins for a damage queue

The fact we are ranked based on main rather than account is good an all but seriously its annoying that we can’t play the heroes we want due to either the 2-2-2 meta or the fact damage queues are so freaking long

I may sound salty but I can’t be the only one who thinks they would do better if we weren’t forced into a 2-2-2 meta