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Trying to do my dps placements in a nutshell.


You kinda waited for the very last moment of a Beta season that will be not be recorded or counted.

I have played a Ton but haven’t really been playing these last few days because it’s a Beta and I’m ready to go for real. I suspect a lot of people had their fill with the Beta and just want to get to business now. Knowing something doesn’t count can have a disheartening effect so que times will be better in just a little bit.

Actually, it will. Read the post and this here exactly - Role Queue Update - #36 by ScottMercer


Ok maybe I didn’t make myself clear. The post backs up what I am saying. Your profile will not have the record of this season on their. The only thing that remains on your profile is those competitive points you earned from the matches.

Of course blizzard themselves are holding on to the data. the whole point of Beta was for people to play enough so everyone could be placed a little more accurately for season 18. The Data is 100% being used to place you but it is not being recorded as in your profile. Later on you wont be able to go back and check out how you did In Beta.

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So if i not do well in this clownfiesta season my actual sr is on the line? Good to know…


MMR and SR are different so as long as you did your best and it was around where your normal stats lay your are ok.

However it sounds like you didn’t play a lot so I might be a bit concerned on how your going to be placed in season 18. I’m hoping you played QP at least so the game has fresh data to help place you. If not, buckle up, you may be in for a major disappointment or a pleasant surprise lol.

I went straight comp and 3/5d my main role, did really well. (above my average stats) and it places me 200 sr below where I left off, and now I am doing my best and still losing games.

Beta is a bit of a mess but that’s normal.

Getting a proper placement is difficult on Tank/Support because half of what you do doesn’t exactly translate over to stats very well. So your game sense may be what keeps you in higher ranks but all the game was going on was the stats that you earned in those games.

That’s why playing more kinda helps the MMR system figure out exactly where you should be.

Play more is all I can suggest honestly. I had to iron out my SR across all roles but I ended up almost exactly where my main role SR should be and my off SR’s were about 300ish below that.

Just try real hard in Season 18 but remember this season will prob be a little unbalanced too. Hopefully better that’s for sure.

Yeah, tbh I am having more fun now than ever, even with this much loss.
I will just climb back like I did months ago.

The only thing that disturbs me is that I got placed one rank lower yet I am thrown into the same rank games where I was last season, so I have the same difficulty in opponents at one rank lower, which feels really weird to say the least.

Hopefully it will even out. I play a bit too much so it seems the over abundance of data blizz has on me worked in my favor for once.

My games are around what I’d expect but I do get the occasional game with golds in it or M players in it.

Even my perception of good and bad games may be off because of how different 2-2-2 plays. We just need to adjust I guess but lord knows how long that’s going to take lol

One thing I am sure about, it was a comp change for the better, in the long run.

Legends say that Tamatu is still searching for their game…

pbsr and mmr are not used in diamond I’d rather not have this season be contributed to my actual sr lmao. I can consistently stay around 3300 and if I’m thrown with high plats I usually just stomp them and that’s not what I want to do again.

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