Searching for 2 codes

I’m looking for codes for damage HUD over the head, RPG style and one that has hero with shield active/raised for testing

I made a pretty simple shield rule for testing out changes in the Practice Range. I don’t have the actual rule in front of me, but the basics for it are as follows…

Rule - Each Player
Team - Any
Player - Any
Is a Bot (event player) = True
Player has pressed Interact (Player on Slot 0) = True
Hold Button (shield or secondary fire in most cases)
Wait 5 (ignore condition)
Stop Holding Button (same)

Then for the health hud, for allies you can always just turn on the setting to Always Show, but it might affect your performance in game. Alternatively you can create a rule that makes In World Text Progress Bar and have the Progress Bar Value = Player Variable A

Where Player Variable (custom) = Current Hero Health / Max Health re-evaluates a few times every second. It wont be perfect or show you whether they have armor or shields or anything, but it’ll be a good representation of their health as a percentile of their total health. If you want the number of HP displayed under it as well, just make a second variable and set it as Current Hero Health and re-evaluate the same way using Custom String {0} to display it on the progress bar text.

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sorry but i don’t understand nothing from workshop scripts ;~;