Screen going black everytime I try to launch

I was able to play overwatch just fine a few days ago, but now I can’t launch it; because there’s only a black screen with nothing happening. Can someone help me or give me advice about my situation.

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Could it be either of these in the pinned topics?

I do not believe so; I have no razer products and the game ran smoothly before. There was nothing wrong with the game until the new update on the event happened.

It’s possible that the recent Windows update is causing this. Maybe this thread can offer insight: Rendering Device Lost

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I had a clean build, and had the most recent Windows build. I downloaded what was the current Nvidia driver when I was setting it up. After banging my head over all the posts on the matter, I rechecked the current drivers and saw tha Nvidia released a new deiver [notably, two weeks after the last driver was released, which makes me inclined to think something eas wrong]. Installing the new driver, resolved it. no need for DDU or anything extra.