Scoreboard, Give Now!

The devs say that there’s no board to avoid toxicity and yet the toxicity not only happens but it’s made worse when you actually are doing your job but get blamed anyway.

I just got out of a game where the entire team was throwing a hissy fit with me and my fellow support. I normally don’t mind as it’s almost natural for people to assign blame BUT, in this instance, we (the supports) were actually playing solidly! The two of us were busy fighting for gold in healing.

I was the only one to receive a gold card at the end, FOR HEALING, and I’m sure my fellow support was incredibly close from taking it from me. And yet we got hated on!

In the current state, not only has Overwatch failed to avoid toxicity by refusing to give us a board but now the toxicity is misplaced as well. You could be having the game of your life and still get people swearing at you because they have the game awareness of a bunch of muppets.


I would support the idea of a scoreboard so that people can recognise my greatness every single game


Glad we dodged that bullet


As a support main, I want scoreboard too. I am tired of beying blamed for not healing, when I have high numbers, just to be beaten by someone from oposite team, who healed 100 more and got card. How am I suppose to show them that I nreally healed? People are toxic about heals. Usualy I can prove them wrong with healing card (but they still keep arguing), it usualy happens with Moira, when I get blamed for dpsing, than people see my card with 20k - 30k healing and keep saying, that I was avoiding them with heals (lol, how can you avoid someone with AOE healing hero?). But sometimes I am not the one getting card and despite feeling, that I literaly put everything into match, I have nothing to prove it.
Please, for respecting your players - give us score board. Cards are not fair. Specialy, when you play heroes like Mercy, who usualy don´t get anything, unless she oveheals the other support (which is fail).

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Scoreboards don’t stop toxicity or blame. They’re there for more info, which would be the only worthwhile reason to include one.

You could have 20k healing with 1 death and it still wouldn’t mean you’re a good support. Guarantee if it didn’t feel like you helped in a match, that same person who’d blame you without a scoreboard would blame you with one.

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The victim of toxicity is different. Garbage players get a free pass, and people who play off meta get the heat.

Just start hoping its one of the PvP updates they show off in a few days.

:rofl: How naive. Scoreboard same stuff as medals.What will stop teammates scream at you about “I don’t care that you have high score. We still los, you did not done enough”. Or about when someone yealls: “i have biggest score among you all! This team is trash!” Aka same thing as “I have gold damage shut up, gold healing- piss off!”

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honestly people who count stats are just weird. they are not always the answer for everything.
for instance, if a widowmaker isn’t getting gold eliminations, but is picking off the first 2 picks per fight while the rest of the team participates and gets the other 4, the widowmaker is still carrying.

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I don’t think scoreboards will fix toxicity at all, especially for supports.

So it is definitely annoying when people claim you aren’t healing and you wish you could prove that you are. Scoreboards would help there.

But let’s say an individual hero is delusional about being the carry, and running off solo to where you literally cannot help them. “You never healed me” might be true, and it could be 100% not your fault. The scoreboard would show that you never healed them, so they (and maybe teammates) report you for team sabotage.

Or let’s say that the squishies on your team keep dying to one shots. You can’t heal them, because they are always either at 200hp or 0hp. Again, that would look bad on the scoreboard, but would not be a problem with you.

Or let’s say that the enemy team dives the supports first every engagement. You and the other healer only have stats for the healing you futilely did for each other before perishing.

Or your team steamrolled / the enemy had potato aim. There wasn’t a lot of damage to heal in the first place. You might even be contributing to the kills because you have the free time to do so, which might get you labeled as a battle Mercy/Ana/Moira.

Now, reasonable teammates can evaluate the context of those numbers and try to diagnose what really went wrong. But the people flaming you now are not reasonable teammates. Some teammates are currently silent because they don’t have any ability to figure out why a loss happened, but they would feel just emboldened enough with “objective” stats to begin to flame you, when they otherwise would not.

Stats boards would only fix toxicity only for people who are performing well but being maligned as if they weren’t. For literally everyone else, I firmly believe it would only increase the toxicity and micromanagement.


Scoreboard doesnt work in OW because heroes work very differently so you cant compare them that way. It would increase toxicity not reduce it because it would give more stuff for players to blame others.