#SaveRoadhog - My King Needs Help

I’ve been playing some hog recently. This hero is straight up bad and the rework is just gonna turn him into some poor man’s junkerqueen brawler shotgun hero. Give him his damage back, let the king sit on his throne.


No. The hook combo was terrible gameplay and having him revolve around it made him awful.

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Keep hog unplayable, I need a legit “let me match your playstle” hero.

Roadhog got hard broken by Kiriko, its that simple. Ana used to shutdown Hog Hard but then Kiriko said and I quote, “Suzu” and Hog was a happy piggy. Until the blizzard nation attacked.

Honestly I agree with poster, instead of nerfing oneshot they needed to nerf take a breather by reverting it back to when he didn’t move with it.

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Roadhog is currently undergoing the finishing touches that will release with his rework in Season 7’s Midseason Patch. Our broad goals for his rework are as follows:

** Increase his ability to protect his team and claim space*
** Maintain his overall identity and playstyle*
** Move some of his power around so that his effectiveness isn’t so tied to his one-shot potential*

It’s too late to save him.

I’m 100% certain they’re going to completely remove his agency to do his own thing, making him completely reliant on his teammates to get value, and then rework all his abilities to be team-oriented.

It’s just Joever; my man will never be the same.


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NO… stop balancing the game around only counterplay.

they have hog? pick ana,
they have pharhmercy? pickhitscans?
they have dva? pick zarya…
they have ball? pick sombra…

wtf stop balancing around just counterplay

Too many crybabies that think his “one shot” COMBO was too strong. You had to land the hook, shoot your gun at the right level, AND melee to get that almost guaranteed kill. If the hook FAILED, hog turned into an ult battery for like 6 seconds. He was balanced with tons of weaknesses. Low ammo, zero mobility, meh ult, a pretty crappy gun ASIDE from hook combo, and offered no protection for the team. There are characters that the whiners won’t allow to be good for long. Sym, Genji, Widow…these characters get too strong, the forums reeeeeeeeeeeeeee and blizzard nerfs them.

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