Save 2cp with following equation

Instead of removing 2cp completly from the game in OW2 i feel like just changing the respawn timers would just be enough to “fix” the frustration this gamemode holds. What do you think?

On a normal control map both teams have x meters to the point. Lets say a character moves on average 1 meters per second.

Time for attackers to point= x * 1 m/s
= Time for defenders to point= x * 1 m/s

A 2cp map is nothing else but a control map happening on two different places, which is cool because as a player can experience different terain.
To balance the times i would add a respawnDelay for the attackers when attacking point1 and a respawnDelay to the defenders when point2 is attacked.
The delay should compensate for the different travel times of the teams so they arrive at the same time.

Equation on point 1:
Time for attackers to point1= attackersDistanceToPoint1 * 1 m/s + respawnDelay
= Time for defenders to point1 = defendersDistanceToPoint1 * 1 m/s

Point1 respawnDelay for attackers = 1m/s (defendersDistanceToPoint1-attackersDistanceToPoint1)

Equation on point 2:
Time for defenders to point2= defendersDistanceToPoint2 * 1m/s + respawnDelay
= Time for attackers to point2 = attackersDistanceToPoint2 * 1 m/s

Point2 respawnDelay for defenders = 1
m/s (attackersDistanceToPoint-defendersDistanceToPoint)

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