Said "connecting to game", didn't connect, 8-hour ban

I queued for competitive, waited about 20 minutes to find a match, found a match, it said “Connecting to game” for about 10 seconds and then disappeared without connecting me to the match.

“Okay cool, I guess the servers just died, guess I’ll re-queue”


I got an 8 hour competitive suspension because it didn’t connect me to the server.
I didn’t hit “Leave game” or abandon it, how could I? It didn’t even connect me to it in the first place.

An 8 hour ban because the game decided it didn’t want to connect me to a match. It didn’t even attempt to. I never got to the loading screen. It just said “connecting to the match”, then didn’t…? And somehow that means I deserve an 8 hour suspension?

What the hell, man. How do I deserve this. This IS NOT fair. I didn’t do anything wrong. It is not my fault if your servers are terrible.

My account is Retz#11430

Also, the other day I logged in for the first time for the day, and had a 15 minute suspension. I quite literally hadn’t even queued for a game that day, and somehow already had a suspension.

Bro. Fix your game? This is not it. This is not right. This is not fair.

So now, if this bug happens again, I can only assume I’ll get something like a 24 hour ban. For no reason

This is not fair.

If a dev could please remove these suspensions from my record so if it happens again, I don’t get hit by another false suspension, that would be great.

No word of a lie, if this happens again, I’m hitting ‘uninstall’ and never looking back.

Not cool, Blizzard.

Maybe there are some block happening, similar to this.

But in this case, you dont even leave the queue screen when you are intentionally blocking a server and the fail message appears.