Sabotaged by Blizzard

Well I’m here to vent. Just lost multiple games because

  • Got disconnected at the crucial moments in rank games
  • Got disconnected 10 seconds into rank games without the chance to reconnect
  • Keep having these rendering device has been lost crash in rank games

I run a 2070 Ti with a stable LAN cable and these happens the most when I’m winning
It’s very frustrating

perhaps this “happens the most when im winning” is a false positive, as your brain only remembers those events more vividly?

  • Ethernet does give you better internet but if your router or internet speed is slow by itself it doesn’t change anything since the connection between router > internet is different than computer > router
  • 10 seconds disconnection as in game crashing or actual leaving the match?
  • As you’ve said you got an RTX card, it’s know by tech supp: Known Technical Support Issues - Updated Oct 13, 2021 - #21 by Drakuloth