SA Servers with several latency problems (again p2)! Help!

Hey! In the SA servers we’re being connected to NA every other match.
This happened back in season 6 (whole season in NA) and they fixed it later in season 7.
Happened a month ago and now again. We need help


Same thing’s happening to me


It’s about the same thing that has been happening since the start. Bad implementation. I created another post here the other day pointing to an old post that I explain their bad implementation and how they could fix it.

But even then, they continue with the same one.

Probably not priority enough to change, which make the problem persist. Might be more noticeable in non-NA/EU regions.

In my case I use ip block outside regions to not get bad experience, but then I get queue banned for longer each time, till they temporarily fix the problem after some time, and repeats in the next season or so, or in the same one.

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I have been experiencing a lot of latency issues in the last month playing overwatch.
My ping that is usually 20-28ms shooted up to 180-200ms. I live in Brazil, next to Sao Paulo.
When the problem is not latency, there are times when the match crashes and restarts on another map (for everyone) in the quick queue.

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SAME HERE! AGAIN!! Everyone in the server complaining about ping! Unplayable!!!

Please open tickets to report server problems (they will need your connection test data). Players like myself in the forum have no control over Blizzard servers or networking choices.

Hi! How do we do that? opening ticket for server problems?

Top right click on your name and then click support, Choose OW2 —> in game issues and then contact support. Though I was just told to look for help on the forums :skull:

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Reopen the ticket and request more help. There is no reason for them to direct you to the forum for that issue.

I opened a ticket, included all the information and the first response / answer was an automated / copy-paste one, with possible solutions and ways to identify the problem, that meant that the problem was here.

Then after, I answered about them taking the feedback and saying that they didnt read the message, and I got another even more generic answer that sent me to the forums. So, the usual unhelpful support.


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