S3: End of Season Rewards - Incorrect Rank Recognized

Support Main, reached the Platinum tier and finished the season as Platinum Support, won over 25 comp games, just logged in post-Season 3 and was told I earned Gold 2 for Support in S3?

I’ve had numerous friends also affirm that they have been de-ranked relative to what they ended the season on compared to what the S3 Rewards recognized and gave them credit for-

Is there an ETA on when this will be corrected?


My friend had the same, he played the 5 matches, finished the calibration like (5-7), he was ready to derank and he was promoted to the rank he was before. So, you can try this.

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I too want to know the eta on this. Same happened to me. Im annoyed. I grinded for the rank I finished on. People deserve their rewards

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I have a similar problem. I don’t know if it’s the same as yours but I ended season 3 with open queue rank gold 3 and support role queue rank plat 3. I got the correct rewards (platinum ROLE title), but it’s showing my ranks as swapped around; open queue is shown as plat 3 and role queue is shown as gold 3.

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Something similar happened to be except I didn’t get any rank rewards at all, 0 competitive credits and no comp title for my name :confused:

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The Devs have acknowledged this bug: Overwatch 2 Known Issues - April 11, 2023. However, we still need to keep spreading the word about this bug so that they actually fix it unlike the bugged career profiles and missing end-of-season rewards from other previous seasons like Season 36. Here’s a link to my post in case you’d like to read more about this issue: Comprehensive Thread Of All Top 500/Competitive Bugs. I’ve compiled a list of posts regarding similar bugs under: Incorrect End Of Season Competitive Rank And Rewards (Seasons 1-3). Please help in spreading the word about this megathread and other related threads, we must demand the Developers to give us the rewards we rightfully earned.

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Aaron announced that the fix for this would hit during the next patch. They say that will fix everyone’s Season 3 end rankings and they will also be awarding the correct comp points at that point. Interestingly, these comp points are in addition to whatever points you got for your incorrect Season 3 rank.


Thank you for the awesome share! I had seen other posts on this topic as well as the fact is was a “known issue” with no ETA per the devs but as you know how these things go- been supporting the Blizzard gaming community since 2005 and have learned that the more people bring this up, the more likely they are to do something about it. Definitly agree that the community needs to spread the word and not sleep on this one any longer.

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Thanks for that. None of these issues will ever get resolved if players aren’t being vocal about them, so any help in spreading the word about this megathread and its issues would be appreciated.