r/SymmetraMains has spoken, this is their feedback

Yes a completely biased Subreddit will 100% provide good feedback on her current state.


It’s interesting how different people perceive the same situation individually. For me, the micromanagement aspect of Sym2 kit was a perk, not a chore. Including sometimes not investing resources into protecting my ult because I used them to bait the enemy team.

I lost count of how many times in Hanamura attack I placed the shield gen inside the ramen shop so that the enemy would move beyond the choke to break it, and we could use the opportunity to push through.

Or in Volskaya B defense I see a D.va or Tracer going into the backline searching for my shield generator, so that I tell my team to push against the attacking team and fight 6v5. Usually it ended with they breaking my ult, we wiping the enemy team, and I going back with 80% or more ult charge ready to place another bait generator.

In general, I just felt Sym2 kit was so widely open that you could develop your own playstyle and still be efficient, which leads to very interesting conversations with other Sym mains, because we all would play slightly differently from each other and continually develop new ways to use her kit. That’s very different from pretty much every other hero in the game, up and including Sym3.

I miss this strategic flexibility the most.

I was specifically mad because the main example Jeff used was to use the shield to make Pharah self destruct with her own ult, and that was a key Sym2 usage of her barrier.

For many players, that was a new and creative use of a flying shield.

For Sym mains it was a reminder of what we lost.


I feel the poll is a bit disingenuous because most people think of 3.0 sym with the current live one which has the :put_litter_in_its_place: infinite tp that entirely trashes the 3.0 play style (i.e. flanking zoner; which to be real, kinda always what she was as people had to flank with old sym to climb). in other words, sym3.0 had a massive gameplay shift due to infinite tp. meanwhile it’s pretty evident that many view 2.0 with rose-tinted glasses.

imo 3.0 kit actually gives you options in any given moment because sym actually has a mobility ability to get to where she wants to be (assuming it’s frequent enough) unlike 2.0 kit.
e.g. attack on like kings row or hanamura, old sym HAS to wait for her team to push past the choke to get access to flank routes to get uptime, i.e. to flank or aggressively place turrets, or m1, and until that actually happens, all sym2.0 CAN do is spam orbs to build ult, passive turret placement for a flank that may never happen and chuck out a shield praying the team would enable her. sym3.0 pretty much doesn’t care so much about that because she as tp to get to those areas.

alternatively, when sym2.0 is in an engagement, she has to hard commit to it no matter what because she has no way out aside from a team pocketting her out. unlike sym3.0 kit which has a tp to disengage and maybe re-engage.

having a mobility ability on a shorter ranged squishy hero makes a lot of sense and makes a lot of difference compared to being squishy, shorter ranged AND immobile.

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Y’all… sym… 3.0 is the 2.0…

It went:

Sym 1.0 - Giveable Shield

Sym 2.0 - The first one with just 6 turrets, a tele, and a shield gen

Sym 3.0 - sym “2.0” like y’all claim

Sym 4.0 - Current one

You’ve just described this

The current Symmetra is more like 3.5, as her kit hasn’t vastly changed since her 3.0 iteration.

We saw something similar with Mercy. Her kit recieved numerous buffs before her rework, leading to a dubbed “2.5” iteration.


All I can say is that I held at the time the unpopular opinion that Sym 2.0 was either perfectly balanced or slightly OP because ladder was, is, and will always be, a chaotic environment. Her value increases as teamwork decreases, and outside of highly coordinated teams like the pro scene, she had more than enough tools to carry her own weight and more.

Heck, in my own old “buff Sym” list I explicitly say that as a reason why my suggestions are mostly QoL and small buffs compared to the whole rework essays other people were doing at the time.

My glasses are not rose-tinted. In my opinion, Sym 2.0 was simply a better hero, both conceptually and mechanically, than any patch version of Sym 3.0.

And I was perfectly fine with she having no space to shine in the pro arena, which, let’s be real, was the main motivator behind her current rework. The new TP was clearly developed as an ability that requires a pre-set team strategy and great teamwork. It’s no surprise the common players all developed some strategies that revolves about using it more by themselves, like the TP bomb, because, again, ladder is chaos. No one will listen or stick with your strategy, and if your team isn’t going through your TP, it’s value plummet.

At least with Sym 2.0, even if your own team was against you and berated you the whole match, you would still hold them together via orb spam, flank alarms and shield generator.


Gawd yes, if she was more like TF2s engineer, i’d be so down…

Mains of heroes that have a lot of movement hate it because they like to run into carwashs, get punished for it and then come to the forums to cry about it and then cry some more when you remind them of all the escape skills they have…

That they used to initiate the fight. Whoops.

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nothing…cause this is subjective as all hell…

you know whos not included in that poll? the people playing against symmetra (ie the entire community pretty much)…which might agree as well…but i guarantee you theres plenty of people who would rather not play against say her auto aim beam again…or a shield generator in a game plagued with sustain issues…or yet another shield…

plenty of people would prefer “classic” OW too…we dont have that…fact is the game changes…and we either move along with it…or we complain about the same thing for 2-3 years…

Shield generator was the one thing that made 2.0 symm very strong. Good symm would have shield gens up for the whole match and enemy team had to chew through 450 extra regenerating health every single teamfight. It made it impossible for chars like Hanzo to oneshot people and made it difficult for even widow to oneshot. In current environment, it would be a good counter to dmg boosted ashe trying to oneshot people.

Once I got shield gen up and running, it was very difficult to lose and enemies had to put a lot of resources just to get it down, only for me to plop it right back up after couple orbs and make their efforts naught.

Combined with armor from torb and brigitte made up some ridiculous pantheon defence makeups. 500hp symm was actually hilarious.

Which is why it had to go lol.

I’ve made a survey, for all forum members to fill out.

I will be making a follow up post within the next few days.

As of right now, there are 60 responses (most of them are not Symmetra mains), and most responses want a revert, with a new rework as a close second.

The lock on was probably the nichest part of her kit.

Sure she didn’t need to aim, but it’s range was a miniscule 7m.

If you were ever that close to a Symmetra for her to become a threat, you deserved the microwave :clap:


Shield Generator was the most OP ult in the game until Valkyrie 1.0 arrived. I remember advocating a lot of time to move part of that power into Sym base kit because I knew it was too strong.

But since everyone only remembered that the thing existed when enemy Tracer destroyed it, and then they started asking me to switch. Despite SG being up again within 20 seconds, and we having won that fight because Tracer was somewhere else while we rolled her team.


Tracers looking for shield gens on volskaya attacks be like

“ive been looking for 2 minutes where did you put your shield gen”

“its a secret”


Because Reddit should be trusted with balance changes. Especially if it’s a SubReddit made up of like 7,300 OTPs. That’s a great idea.

I asked the Brig SubReddit, they want V1.0 of Brig back, but keep the three charges on armor pack.

I asked the Mercy SubReddit, they want Mass Rez back.

Oh, I also asked the Torb SubReddit. They want 3 turrets like Symmetra, Reinhardt’s Hammer, the ability to repair Bastion, and 1/3 of Speedo Torb’s pants removed on the backside.

How about you let Blizzard, the people who design games for a living, make the decisions for a change. :rofl:

As a Torb main, I agree with the speedo.

As someone that almost never play Mercy, I also agree with the return of Mass Res.

You definitely never visited the Brig mains subreddit.

It’s not about balance changes per se. When people ask for a Sym revert they are talking about game flow. And as a designer you do want feedback about game flow. Because if your players don’t like the flow of the game, they will not stay playing for long.


So we just stop giving them feedback? That’s ridiculous.


I loved old Sym, but I’d rather have more damage, but require aim. I wouldn’t be unhappy or throw a fit if she got lock on back. But I think that low damage is part of the reason I almost never played her in comp.

Just once, I’d actually like to play Sym in comp; not because I just wanted to, but because she was actually the best person for the situations. It’s just a dream of mine. So often I end up going, “X hero, (usually Mei), would be better here.”

Yup, this is perfectly how I feel as a Sym 3.0 lover.

Also good poll, though did you get any data in regrades to fire modes? I would like to know if other Sym mains like orbs or primary fire more.

you had 140 total votes, which can’t really be taken seriously, ESPECIALLY when that sub has 7.3k+ members.
You had not even 2% of the sub vote and drew a conclusion from that