Round time glitch

We were playing on a 2 CP map, we ended the first round with 3:14 remaining. The other team ended up with 2:07.

At the start of the new round, we only had 2:00 remaining while the other team was still at 2:07.

Why do they have more time if we had more than them at the end of the round? Is this a bug?

That is actually now normal. There is a new rule change for Assault Maps that started with this patch. If both teams have more than 2 minutes time is deduced from both time banks until the team with the least time remaining has only 2 minutes. This ensures matches remain competitive but not risk playing out into multiple rounds. Just remember that no matter what the team with the greater amount of time will still have the same amount of extra time after the adjustment.

But if what NarakaGaming writes is correct then there is still a bug (a pretty serious one).

If this is what happened it would mean the time benefit has gone to the wrong team.

We had more time than the other team and they still got more time after the ‘cut’

That’s not supposed to be like this. If you have more time than the other team at the end of both rounds, you should still have more time the next rounds.

We lost because they made a push with 15 seconds left and they were able to touch with a ball and then win it. That 7 extra seconds they had was crucial and they would never have won the game without it.

I wanted to link the replay but apparently there was a patch and it’s gone now :frowning: