Romance of the Three Kingdoms


… doesn’t bring any hype for me. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I’m not invested at all with that story or its characters.

So far most of the themed skins Blizz has released gave me hype for the game, with the exception of the first aniversary, and the last winter wonderland.

I still played a ton and grinded my lootboxes to get all the skins.

Year of the Rooster and year of the Dog gave us cool looking skins, even to those who had no knowledge of asian traditions.

This time, sadly I’m not looking forward to this event. :frowning:

I love this game and I really hope that several of you are hyped thou.


Read the book then, maybe.


I don’t feel like it. Thanks.


I guess it depends mostly on it being an eastern tale which didn’t really resonate in the west (unlike “journey to the west”).

Imagine if in an upcoming event we get a “knights of the round table” theme featuring skins representing Gawain, Lancelot, Galahad and Percival. I don’t think China/Japan/Korea/India would be hyped for it.


You are probably right. My main issue is that these characters are not Hanzo or Rein. Most of the other skins its the hero we love in a constume, or dressed as whatever.

This time I feel that we are getting a new character instead of a skin for a character. I don’t see that Rein as Rein. It’s a random chinese guy. Same for Hanzo.

Reaper does look like he’s in costume.


That’s because other skins where actual costumes to begin with of un-human creatures brought in or, in case of Zenyatta, a different kind of priesthood.


Mhm, that’s understandable but that can be true of any theme.

China is a huge country and its influence has been vast, even many many Westerners have a strong interest in its culture and tales.

If nothing else, just think of them as incredibly cool warriors (Note, Romance of the Three Kingdoms was historical to a degree) but really, I would recommend you consider taking the opportunity to learn a little about them and the story. It’s really quite interesting and its influence comes up a lot in pop culture.

Or maybe give the Dynasty Warriors series a try?


Even if I wasn’t familiar with Journey to the West I think they did fine. Made sense with the tale Dr. Harold told Winston.


I like the reaper skin most so far. Can imagine actually using that one!

Oh, btw! There is Total War coming this march based on Romance of Three Kingdoms. Very excited and also about to get the novel. So this is kinda makes it all a little more exciting!


It does look good. So glad you like it, and the overarching theme.


these skins are insane wym


I’m looking forward to that Total War game as well.

I used to play Romance of the Three Kingdoms back on Super Nintendo (I think?) and I quite enjoyed the story and the characters. Even watched a couple movies based off the book.

I know a lot of people don’t care for the skins, but I quite like them. Guan Yu is cool, now let’s see Zhang Fei next. :grinning:


Now you got me wondering, ever read the novel? I would very much like to read the full version. Unfortunatelly, English is not my 1st language and I am little worried about dumping money into 1700 pages of literature that might turn out to be too difficult for me to read. I think myself quite competent, but from what I have read about this novel, there are couple short versions and only 2 full english translations, each one of them with some pros and cons. All of this, at first glance at the article, expertly dissected made me have even more doubts and mostly abandon the intention, but I keep getting back to it.

I’d hate to spam the thread but since this kinda sorta is still on the topic -
If you, or anyone else reading this has a personal, absolutely anecdotal experience, I would be most grateful! :grin:


I tried to find an English version of the book, years and years ago, but I never found a copy. I’m sure it’s probably easier to find now, but I forgot all about it. You’ve peaked my interest in looking again.

Oh and back to the skins, looks like Zhang Fei was next. :slightly_smiling_face:


try playing dynasty warriors, that’s pretty much all you need to know.


Honestly if I was running Blizzard Art team, I would be focusing having 1 character skin coming from each Culture that supports Lunar new Year not just China.

China hates games, that is a fact.
Why support a country that wants to mind control its citizens?

Seriously these snow flakes banned Whinnie the Pooh because some people used it to make fun of their Glorious Leader.


So go play Dynasty Warriors.


I don’t like the skins but I still understand their concepts. I do recommend that you read about it before trashing the entire event.I understand not liking the skins but not liking the skins because you’re too hard headed to understand the lore behind it is your loss.


Your loss. The books are incredible, but you don’t have to read them. Play Dynasty Warriors 8 or watch the Chinese TV series. I grew up on these stories so I could not be any less hype.


Cool, it does for me and is one of my favorite parts of history. Dumb swimsuits and joke skins do nothing for me so I guess it’s entirely even.